Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

I salute all our veterans out there and of course pray for the ones that we have lost.

It is always a somber day for Kevin. He reflects on all the friends he lost in Viet Nam. He started his day on his knees. For years while living in Ma, he marched in a parade on Memorial Day to honor all his heroes. He was one of the lucky ones that survived!

Well, two days in a row we have tried to make it a beach day. Hmmm, not working out. Yesterday we took the 9am tram, got all set up and by 10am the ranger was clearing the beach beach because storms were heading our way. This morning we sat out and had our coffee/tea and it was such a beautiful day. By the time I got all lathered up and in my suit, the clouds were heading in. It just rained a bit and we are hearing thunder but it seems like it is trying to brighten up. Now if I start to get ready again, I suppose the rains will come!

We are thinking we should move to our new site today. As much as we don’t want to. We are scheduled to do to it tomorrow, but we are starting our 3 days of work, so we won’t have the time to do it then. The reason we have to move is we are filling in here these two months and we had to take the spots of those that cancelled. It is two different people.

I hope you all have a Happy and Safe Holiday today. Remember to take a minute to reflect on the reason for this day…..