Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lunch Date and Dr

Well today was the day that Kevin had an appointment with the VA  at the NAS in Panama City Beach.  That happens to be where fellow RVers Doug and Joann are spending some time. Joann sent me a message asking if we would like to get together for lunch and a plan was made.  We had made the drive just two days ago so we thought we knew how long it would take. Wrong…the traffic was terrible and we somehow took a wrong turn. We were late. We are not usually late for anything and I don’t like it.  We finally did make it and had a very nice lunch and visit with these two very fine people.  I have been following their blog for several years and met them this past January at a dinner with Howard and Linda and several other RVers in the Tampa area.  Perhaps we will get to visit again.  Can’t believe no pictures. I actually remembered my camera but had forgotten to put the card back into it.

Kevin had his appointment to have his ear checked. He has some kind of growth on the lobe. I figured, maybe a cyst but the dr tried several times to lance it,  but nothing.  He thinks maybe its just tissue but put him on antibiotics and gave a referral for a dermatologist.  This may take some time. Who knows if we will get it done before we leave here July 1st.  This is one problem that we will most likely run into with being on the road.  The VA can be slow in processing and getting appointments with specialists.

No plans yet for tomorrow. It’s our last day off before returning to work…


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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

My camera, a Vivitar Vivicam, will take 24 pictures without a card in it. So I thought they were all like that. I have never had a card for mine, as I am usually close to my computer.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX