Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Loving The Beach

We spent last weekend  in Houston. We flew in on Saturday morning and arrived back in Florida Monday night.  We helped out our daughter with a babysitting issue so she could work.  It was nice being with the grandkids for Mothers Day.

We still had a day to ourselves before we had to head back to work.  Did some grocery shopping but that was about it.  Did snap a shot of this pretty Magnolia.  There are lots of Magnolia trees scattered throughout the park.  They smell so good…

Magnolia 004


Wed, Thurs and Friday it was back to the tram. Beautiful sunny days and lots of people heading to the beach.  We didn’t have that many checkouts, so it was easy going.

Now  another 3 days of work behind us.   Even though we love what we do,  we are still tired by the last day. They are long days.  Now we have 6 days off again!

Saturday:  Lazy morning. We decided since the Preakness Race was today that we would head to the track to place a wager.  They had a buffet lunch,  so we decided to hang out in the dining room, have lunch and bet a few races.  We didn’t win a single penny. Oh well, had fun anyway.

Sunday:  It was cloudy so we just hung out. I did go grocery shopping.  By late afternoon the sun was peeking through. I sat outside for awhile.

Monday:  Kevin has a growth of some sort on his ear. Since he gets his health care from the VA, we decided to head to Panama City Beach Naval Air Station to get him put into the system. This is something you must do before getting to see a dr. We will return on Wednesday for his appt.

Driving to Panama City Beach:

Magnolia 005

When we returned, I decided to head to the beach.  It was just beautiful down there.

2010 May Topsail 012

The sand dunes:

2010 May Topsail 016

This morning Kevin and I decided to head to the beach early. Again it was so beautiful. We spent quite a bit  of the time in the water.

2010 May Topsail 009

Think I will now head out to do some errands.

Ahhh, Life is Good!!


Making Memories with Mark and Dortha said...

Glad you got to spend Mother's Day with the kids.

The beach pictures make me wish we were there with you guys. Enjoy!

Diana, Eric, and kids said...

Beautiful beach!
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