Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to Work


We had a very relaxing day Wednesday. We headed out to do some shopping  with several stops. Then  had lunch at McAllisters, it was okay, but we like Jason’s Deli much better. The plan had been to head to the beach in the afternoon but we both agreed that we were tired and would rather hang out in the RV.  We are heading back for our 3 day stint working tomorrow.  I’m sure being the weekend, it will be busy.

Friday.. Back to work. We did the usual beach runs and had an unusual one.  We had a group of 30 journalists from all over the world.  They arrived on a bus and were checking out areas in Florida to write about.  They boarded the tram, we drove them to the beach and waited for them, as they walked the boardwalk to the beach.  The rangers did a narrative for them on the drive.

Saturday.. A very BUSY beach day.. We escorted  347 people back and forth to the beach today.  I think everyone in the campground made the trip!   Today we also got to meet up with a couple  that I had met on the Heartland Owners Forum.  I have chatted back and forth with Anita a few times and knew they would be arriving for the week.  It was so neat to meet.  They are also going to the rally in Nashville that we will be attending in July.

Sunday… We were busy with 63 checkouts today. It was the usual work day but not quite as busy for the beach. 

Monday…. We are off for the rest of the month….. Very nice.  It is really hot today, very humid. Feel like temp is 100… Too hot for me to sit on a beach. We drove over to Eglin AFB today. Kevin needed a haircut, we shopped and then checked out the campground. Not bad for $20 a night. No reservations.

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