Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun in California

We woke to rain Monday morning. Not a good day to explore. We decided to head to one of the casino’s. The choice was made to head to Viejas in Alpine. It is pretty big and even has an outlet mall across the street. No luck for either of us, so the highlight of the trip was a free prime rib buffet. We had fun, and that’s what counts.

Tuesday we got a late start to our day. When we headed out,  the first stop was for lunch at Rubio’s. One of our friends Deb, is from SD and suggested we try it for fish taco’s. Yummy!! Thanks Deb.

Cabrillo Monument, SD Calif 001

Next we headed to Point Loma to see the  Cabrillo National Monument. This is a great place to get pictures of the bay, however it was rather hazy.

Cabrillo Monument, SD Calif 003

Cabrillo Monument, SD Calif 025

Cabrillo Monument, SD Calif 006

Cabrillo Monument, SD Calif 020

Cabrillo Monument, SD Calif 022 Cabrillo Monument, SD Calif 012

Cabrillo Monument, SD Calif 023 Cabrillo Monument, SD Calif 027

On the way out Kevin noticed the Veterans National Cemetary. He thought this would be a neat place for a final resting place, overlooking the ocean.

Cabrillo Monument, SD Calif 029

Today we had a date with old friends who live in Chula Vista..not far from here. We haven’t seen them in several years, so it was great to catch up. They guys went off golfing. Ginnie had a day planned for me sightseeing a bit. We started out at Pacific Beach having lunch…

San Diego Beaches 001

I had lobster bisque, and it was delicious! Ginnie had lobster benedict and I had a bite, yum…

We sat looking at the ocean, which I love..  Luckily I had my small camera in my purse, however I was very disappointed that I hadn’t brought my big lense camera with me today. I had no idea what the day would bring….

San Diego Beaches 020

We stopped by several beaches…

San Diego Beaches 013

And spent some time watching these kite surfers…..

San Diego Beaches 022

My favorite place was..

San Diego Beaches 049

San Diego Beaches 051

San Diego Beaches 046 San Diego Beaches 043

We headed to….

San Diego Beaches 072

We watched the seals on the rocks…

San Diego Beaches 077

Bathers being brave..

San Diego Beaches 091

Paddle surfing…

San Diego Beaches 100

Kayaking… San Diego Beaches 111

And we had a show put on by many dolphins….

San Diego Beaches 114

One last stop across the bay at LaJolla Shores…

San Diego Beaches 121

San Diego Beaches 123

Of course between all these beach stops, we drove by the beautiful homes in LaJolla.

After many, many hours touring the area, we caught up with the guys and went out for burgers. 

Another awesome day in our life on the road!!!!!!  LIG


Randy and Terry said...

We visited Cabrillo, too, a couple of years ago. The view was breathtaking. Thanks for the reminder!

Chuck-Kathy said...

Love it, love it, love it. All that and Trader Joe's! We'll be seeing you in July, yippee!

Debbie and Rod said...

Glad you liked the fish tacos. If you want some good "real" Mexican fast food find a Los Panchos.

Deb & Rod

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

All of that shore line along La Jolla and on South is just beautiful! We would drive over in the car and just sit along the beach in the parking areas. Ate lunch and fell asleep in the wonderful March sun last year along the beach parking areas. Nice memories! Rod