Friday, March 25, 2011

Palm Desert, Ca


We rolled out of San Onofre Beach a little before 11am Wednesday morning. I was a bit down.  I hated to leave the beautiful Pacific Ocean, although I did spend one rather stressful night worrying about Earthquakes.  I told Kevin we would hear from all native’s of the state, not to worry. Sure enough that’s exactly what happened.  One told us that the area we were in was considered very unlikely to get hit.  Now, do I worry about our next scheduled ocean stop in a few weeks….. Hmm, will have to think about that one.

For now the plan was travelling to the desert. Palm Desert, which is very close to Palm Springs.

Our drive was a pretty one...Palm Desert, Ca 011


Palm Desert, Ca 003


Palm Desert, Ca 006


It amazes us to see snow on the mountains while heading into the desert….

Palm Desert, Ca 021

We arrived at Thousand Trails  in Palm Desert.  This park has 1000 date palm trees..

Palm Desert, Ca 033

It is a very nice park although you do have to maneuver between the palms.  Kevin thinks it would be a great place to live.. We are surrounded by golf courses and casino’s and beautiful weather.. It get’s pretty windy at night and the temps do drop but the days are perfect so far…

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