Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marine Base/Chilling Out

We decided we needed to check out Camp Pendleton.

It was a neat drive. Many of the spring wild flowers popping up everywhere…

California 015

California 021

California 007

California 012

California 033

Kevin was stationed there before deploying for Viet Nam, many, many years ago. He doesn’t remember any of it, lol.. It is a very large base. We were told it it the size of Rhode Island..

We headed to the Famcamp (campground)  to check it out. We will be staying there for a week when we leave here…. Because I was so late making the reservation, we won’t get one of the sites, right on the beach. Only the back row was left. Thats okay though, at least I will be near the ocean…

California 023

There were quite a few surfers…

California 027

Its not unusual to see Navy ships…

California 030 

And Humvees…

California 034

After driving around we headed to the commisary to do our shopping.  We lucked out and found diesel for $3.87…. yes that is good for California.  Prices we saw earlier, were in the $4.69 range, yikes..

Saturday we just chilled out. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Sunny, around 85. I did some laundry, took several walks and sat out and read.  I finished up with some upcoming reservations. We are pretty well booked up until Sept, all but a few weeks that is. 

Today our plan is to hang out again, with another gorgeous day. If weather permits, we will start exploring San Diego tomorrow….


Debbie and Rod said...

I'm so jealous! Not only are you in my hometown but it sounds like you're going to be in California for the summer!


Chuck-Kathy said...

My heart is still in California, just seeing the pictures makes me realize there is no place like it. So pretty this time of the year.

Sandra said...

It's nice to see flowers. Famcamp looks lovely!