Friday, March 4, 2011

Jamul, California

Our travel from Yuma to Jamul was a very scenic one…

We had to go through an agriculture checkpoint…

March 2011 016

And two different Border Patrol checkpoints..

March 2011 066

We saw lots of sand…

March 2011 012

March 2011 014

Lots of rocks..

March 2011 042

March 2011 048


March 2011 060

And as we climbed in elevation..

March 2011 058

We even saw snow..

On the roadside…March 2011 072

And on the mountains…

March 2011 085

  Beautiful scenery…

March 2011 094

March 2011 097

March 2011 087

Until we reached…

Pio Pico, Jamul Ca 003

Pio Pico is a Thousand Trails park, that will be our home for the next two weeks...

 Pio Pico, Jamul Ca 005

Pio Pico, Jamul Ca 002

Pio Pico, Jamul Ca 006

Pio Pico, Jamul Ca 008

Pio Pico, Jamul Ca 010 

Ahhhhh…. LIG

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