Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taking It All In

I am just trying to take in all the beauty I find in the ocean.. I know I have mentioned it before but I love the water!

Friday we took a drive to Carlsbad. We drove through the neat little town and went down to the beach….

Carlsbad, Ca 012

Carlsbad, Ca 015


We also drove through the town of Oceanside..

Carlsbad, Ca 007 Kevin was trying to recognize something from when he was here some 40 plus years ago, while in the Marines. Nothing looked familiar!

The flowers on the side of the road, continue to amaze us..

Carlsbad, Ca 001

Carlsbad, Ca 005

Carlsbad, Ca 021

We stopped on our way back to get some nice sole fillets and picked up the ingredients for baked stuffed sole.. Yum!

We were both a bit stressed today as a family member was getting test results today.  When we got home, we found out the tests were all negative. What a relief… Prayers do get answered..

I went for my nightly walk on the beach. I just sat there for quite some time enjoying every minute.

The forecast is still calling for rain but for now it is sun in, sun out….


John said...

Hi, What year did Kevin go to boot camp? Was it at MCRD San Diego? Becki

Leno said...

Kevin went to boot camp in Parris Island.. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton before deploying to Viet Nam in 68..

Jim and Dee said...

Now I know why you don't want to move. What a beautiful site! We love the water too.

Debbie Goode said...

So glad you received good news on the test results. Glad you are enjoying your ocean views!