Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Relaxing, Enjoying the Area, Dinner

Saturday.. We had lots of wind last night and when we got up it was still windy. We got ready to head to the Open Air Street Fair, hoping the weather would improve.. It sure did, it was a perfect day for wondering around. They have this fancy name for what is the same as a high class flea market.. It is the biggest one I have ever seen, and very very nice. We spent about 3.5 hours and only got through half of it. If it’s nice next Saturday we will go back and do the other half.

Palm Desert, Ca 002

By the time we left the wind was starting to pick up again…must be desert weather. We made it home in time to watch college basketball.  Think we better button down the hatches for the night!!

Sunday…I finally did some much needed cleaning. It was a beautiful day with temps in the low 80’s. Kevin settled in to watch college basketball, while I headed out to do a little shopping.  I really can’t explain the beauty of this area.  The landscaping is magnificent with flowers and waterfalls everywhere.

Palm Desert, Ca 007

Monday…Today ended up being a laid back day. We had thought of doing some sightseeing but ended up just sitting outside and being lazy. ‘The temps today about 83 and very nice. I was too lazy to even go up to the pool..

Tuesday..Another beautiful day.. I finally got myself to head to the pool for a few hours.   Tonight we headed to downtown Palm Springs to meet up with RVing friends Bill and Debbie Goode.  They are staying not to far from here and of course we had to share a meal. They suggested  Las Casuelas  a good Mexican Restaurant.

Palm Desert Ca 002

Palm Desert Ca 003

It has been a year since we saw them last, and it was good to catch up, while enjoying a good meal and good margaritta’s. I am sure we will meet up again in the future..

Palm Desert Ca 005

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Jim and Dee said...

It's so cool seeing special friends. Say hi for us to the Goode's.