Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Special Day

Today is our oldest grandchild's 7th birthday! Where or where do the years go... I still remember
that very exciting day as if it were yesterday. I was fortunate enough to be in the labor room when he was born. For all those who have grandchildren you know that amazing feeling. There is just something special about number one (shhh, don't tell anyone). We love you Joey.......

Happy Birthday Joey

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weather Up and Down

This has been another strange weather week. One day beautiful in shorts, the next, cold and all bundled up. Well, today is a cool one. It is 50 right now but feels so much colder because the sun hasnt been out. I have the heat on and it was a soup day. After hearing about temps in other parts of the country though I guess we should consider ourselves lucky.
We both have pretty much gotten over the bronchitis, I guess. Still coughing but that does last for awhile after the medication is done. I sure was sneazing alot this morning and hoping not the start of a cold but have been fine since, so it must be allergy's.
Thursday I went to the VA in Houston and had my nuclear stress test done. For those of you on chat, you know how much I was dreading that. Except for about 8 minutes while the drug to increase my heart flow was being given, (awful), I was okay. I still don't have the results back but hope to get them on Monday.
We have not heard back from the dealership regarding our trailer. I guess they are waiting on parts or something but will give them til the end of the week. I had told them when we left it that we needed it for February. Keeping our fingers crossed that they don't come up with any other problems.
I worked at the golf course on Tuesday all day. It was from 8am-5:30pm. Too long for me. I am not used to that kind of work day anymore. I think they intend for me to do that every Tuesday, so I'm not too happy about it. I was off Wednesday and Thursday. Friday it was only from 1p-6p. Not busy at all. Today off and then work again tomorrow. This weekend we are babysitting also.
I am being lazy today. The kids are keeping themselves busy. I have been catching up on blogs. Having fun hearing about all those great adventures out there. Hoping some day to get to see all those beautiful sites. Think we will order chinese food tonight.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sick of being sick....

Not much to say about this week except we spent most of it in our jammies and coughing.. I am so over this being sick thing. I don't think I can put out another cough. The body is just so sore right now. I did have to go back to work yesterday but it is cold and not too many people on the golf course so I was not busy at all. Spent my time looking at the clock. Today may be a little different. This will be my last day on antibiotics and I do feel a tiny bit better. Yeah!
We had brought our trailer in for service over a week ago. They called us twice this week with news that will cost us quite a bit. They need to repack the wheel bearings to the cost of $340. and do cleaning and maintenance on one of the slides, to the tune of $380. Yikes, we thought having the extended warranty would keep us from digging into our pockets, guess not....It is not even 2yrs old yet. I do think they are taking advantage of us, we have not been happy with this dealership and they know it. We may look into, next time around taking it to someone else. Actually look forward to the day when the housing market improves and we can sell the Florida house and buy our new 5th wheel... Will that day ever come.
Also this week, Howard of RV Dreams announced the 2nd annual RV Dreams Rally to be held in Kerrville Tx Oct 7-11. Can't believe that is the only month that we have plans.. I'm so bummed.
We have already committed to workcamp back at Topsail Hill in Florida for the month of October. Why does this happen.. I swore I wouldnt miss the rally. Now what?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Us

Well, today we celebrate another year together. We met 39 years ago, just after Kevin got out of the Marines. We, like everyone else have had our ups and downs but continued to work thru it all, and today we thank our lucky stars we have each other.
Not too much has gone on this week. Our son and his family are now back home in Illinois. Our daughter went back to work flying and we got back to babysitting. I have had to work at the golf course quite a bit. Kevin & I are both sick with terrible coughs and neither one of us slept very well the last few nights. If we are not better by Monday we will call our drs, we probably have bronchitis. Today we will relax, watch football and our plan is to have dinner at Saltgrass tonight but that will depend on how we feel.