Sunday, November 10, 2013

Heading to the Rally

After many many problems with the RV it was finally time to take it home, pack it up and head out.. My RVD friend Gina had arrived and it was time to pull out. We each had walkie talkies on us and chatted throughout our drive towards North Carolina….


We took our time and took a route I was not familiar with and stopped along the way at Cracker Barrels for the night. We arrived in NC with a few days to spare before the RV Dreams rally.

We checked into Tallulah Gorge State Park for a night, got laundry done, had a campfire, and enjoyed a hike to the gorge and overlook…It is one of the oldest geological features in North America. We also toured the interpretive center and watched the short video.

DSC_0011 DSC_0015 

Leaving late morning, we didn’t have far to travel to meet up with another solo friend DJ.. We parked for the night in the Walmart in Franklin and got stocked up on food.


The following morning we headed down the road to  The Great Outdoors RV Resort for the week. We were there a day before the rally,  but started right in with the fun, at Howard & Linda’s campfire…

IMG_0800 IMG_0801

The following day we cooked breakfast at the Solo Cafe.  Kyra had transported our cafe sign that another RVD member, Mike had made for us. She met up with him this summer in NH. 


That afternoon we helped Linda get things ready for registration and then we worked at helping folks get registered.  We had a wonderful introduction and catered meal that night.   Of course when that ended,we ended the day back at the Solo Cafe with nightcaps and fellowship.

The week progressed with seminars to attend during the day and dinner and fun at night.. 
These are some pictures from the week:

Hanging out with friends


Show and Tell


Lessie trying moonshine (look at the smile on her face) Think this was seconds for her…


Ed trying two different drinks..


Gina making sure the booze for the Bugville’s was all set..


Kyra on chat..


Rob walking Bale..


Breakfast at the Solo Cafe..



Linda giving a tee shirt braiding class..(after a few drinks, lol)


Lessie and Dan celebrating their birthdays..


Cheers as we have some moonshine!


Linda performing..

2013-10-03 18.01.54















We had such a great week. Always learn something at these seminars but the fun and friendships made at them are forever!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Where Has Summer Gone

It sure has been awhile since I wrote. Don’t know where the summer has gone. Well for one thing, it has gone on without my rv. That’s right, still no rv… I am scheduled to leave here for my journey to N Carolina around the 16th or 17th.  I check on the rv every week.  Two weeks ago I informed them that I was leaving on a trip on the 10th and needed it by then.  They have been trying to get it all done for me. The actual RV Dreams Rally doesn’t begin until Oct 3rd but I will be travelling with another solo rver and we want to take our time getting there…

All cabinets and furniture stored outside..

2013-08-28 14.03.41

A look at the new floor..

2013-08-28 14.04.36

They are now working on putting it all back together and replacing the roof... They have a list of little things to do too. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be done in time for my trip..

The highlights of my summer:

Were having Mac and Lynette nearby to visit  and eat out with....

A great trip to Galveston with family..

Having all five of my grandchildren here in Tx..


A wonderful trip to the Big Island of Hawaii with my son Kevin and daughter in law Jen..

The kids have headed back to school..


Where oh where has the summer gone….but I am ready for some nice fall temps~

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Joys of Owning a MH


Well things haven’t gone all to well with the Motor Home. When we first got it, we found a leak behind the shower and fixed it..We thought!   A few weeks ago I went out to it and connected the water hose, so I could do some cleaning. The water came barreling out much too much. I hadn’t connected the water regulator..  So when the bathroom rug and hall rug were soaked the next day, my first thought was I blew a line.  Joe my son in law, tried to see how to get to the hoses but never could get to them. He tore up the bathroom and hall rug so we could let everything dry out.  Not knowing where to go from there, we decided to take it to a professional. I called a place not far from here and they said bring it in.  We did and after two weeks, we now know we have bad news.  The leak was found, behind the shower, where we originally had the problem. They had removed the wall and could see it trickling down the wall. We have no idea how long it has been like this, however they found water damage all the way through the floor, with some mold.  The end result, they will have to remove everything and replace the flooring. If that wasn’t enough, they found a problem with the roof . That also needs replacing.  So what we thought was a good deal when we bought it, has turned into a very expensive fix.. They are also fixing the heat and replacing the toilet..We are hoping when this is all done, which will take about 4 weeks, then we will have a like new home.   Of course in the meantime, we have to cancel some reservations, hoping by July we have it back, so we can do some fun summertime trips with the kids. 

Going back to the owner is not an option. The fella that sold it, lied about selling it for his grandfather. We found this out, going through papers that were left behind. Turns out he had bought it from someone whose wife had owned it and passed away. It was an as is, when it was purchased and I understood that at the time.  On the other hand I have also seen this same year and mileage being sold for   ten thousand more than I paid, so I guess you get what you pay for….

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Quick Trip to Boston


I started the month off with a quick trip to Boston…My son Kevin picked me up at the airport and we drove back to his house in New Hampshire. We spent a fun family day with a trip to a favorite seafood restaurant for an early Mothers Day meal. I love my fried clams and chowder, yumm..  The kids, big and small had some fun..


We stopped for ice cream and then went back to the house. I got to meet the newest member of the family..

This is Milo..looks like I’m choking him but I wanted to get his cute face..


The next day I took off for an anniversary party back in Ma. It was for my cousin Kathy and her husband John, celebrating 40 wonderful years.  Kathy  was the closest thing to having a sister I had while growing up. We only lived one street away, and spent alot of time together.

Here we are 40 years ago..

Picture Frame 446

And today..



The party was wonderful and I got to see my three brothers and quite a few of my cousins.  When the party ended,  I checked into a hotel for the night and had dinner at my brother in law Jack’s house ( Kevins’s brother). Sharon and Jack don’t live far from where I was staying, so it was nice to catch up with them and spend some time.

The next day I had a great visit and lunch at an old friends house. Alice and I worked together for many years..Another friend Margaret also joined us. Can’t believe I forgot to take pictures, but you know when woman start gabbing, all else is forgotten…

I headed to the airport and flew back to Houston that night.. What an enjoyable and busy few days!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

March and April

Well, now that the hardest part is behind me, perhaps I can keep up with my blog,  every now and then.


Started the month of just right with a girls day out with Bridget and Lynette…We shopped


and found this perfect sized chair for Bridget!..  Then off to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory..What would a visit there be without a piece of this..



The search was on for the perfect RV for me. My daughter Kim and I went to PPL in Houston to look. The ones that I could afford were terrible. We were very discouraged… I then started searching the paper and online. Found one not to far from here, so my son in law and I headed to look. It was small, but cute. We wanted to think about it and check online for the value. When we got home we decided to call with an offer and oops, too late..It was sold!  Guess it wasn’t meant to be.. I then decided to look on Craigslist in Florida. I started with the familiar places there. I saw one that sparked my interest..called for details and was happy with what I heard. Only problem was that it was in Florida and I am here in Texas.  I knew that if you don’t jump on these deals, they are gone fast, if they are a good one.  I called my friends in Florida to see if they could help. Don was away,  but Patti agreed to go first thing in the morning to look it over.  I was on the phone with her the next day,  as she did a walk thru and checked things out.  I then made an offer, it was accepted and I had Patti put down a down payment.


It was a 2001 Four Winds 31 ft Class C. It came with lots of extra’s..

Two days later, Kim & I were on a plane headed to Tampa.  We picked it up,  took it to our friends house and started cleaning it up. My son in law  Joe, flew in later in the day with the boys, since it was spring break.  We loaded it up and headed out that night…. We wanted to enjoy ourselves on our trip back.  We stopped for the night at a Wally World.  We were on the road next morning, and we had our first hiccup.. A double blowout.. Not a good start and it held us up for many hours waiting for service,  on the side of the highway..

Next stop..Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, Fl

This area happens to be one of my favorite places  in the country.  You can see why…


Kevin and I have been coming to these beautiful beaches for many years…

The kids had fun..







Playing frisbee…


Splashing in the water




And watching beautiful sunsets..


We spent a few days and hated to leave..

On to Cajan Palms in Louisiana. We had our fill of Crawfish. My daughter said the best she has ever had..


  The boys played miniature golf…


The pool and water park were not open but looked real nice…


We eventually returned to home..with plans for fixing up the RV for future trips..

I had a friend coming.. Kyra an RVing friend that was on her way through this area..I suggested she park her home in our backyard..


We spent a few days together, one of which we picked up Penny and traveled up to Mac & Nette’s..

Lynette, Penny, Kyra


The next day Kim & I were leaving for Galveston with the boys, to spend Easter weekend…

Our site at Jamaica Beach RV Park


Playground next to our site..


We colored easter eggs..


Rented scooters..



and had lots of fun…

We were off to the beach..with Scruffy


and had visitors…

Joe, Sherri and Kris


The kids played chess…


and helped Kris play too…


they hunted for eggs on the golf course…


before saying goodbye…

So nice to see Joe and Sherri again and to meet Kris. It has been several years..Hope it won’t be so long next time.

The campground had a weenie roast and we toasted smores.  We spent another day at the beach and had an outside movie at night..


It had to end but we will be back again this summer..

Back at home the kids were swimming in the pool..


I have had several lunches with Lynette. So nice to have a friend close by for awhile…Will miss it when they leave.

I watched the kids,  so Kim and Joe could have a much needed vacation together in Mexico..

That about wraps up these two months. I will be back with more later.. as I plan more adventures~~