Friday, August 21, 2009

Will Fall Ever Come

I guess its about time I post again. I think this heat has just about done me in for this season. I sure hope I never have to experience this heat for this length of time again. Hoping next summer to be somewhere with pleasant temps.
The news on the homefront is we are beginning to prepare for fulltiming. Now that we have the truck we are on the lookout for a good deal on a 5th wheel. I found out that the good ones go very fast.. I had my eye on an Everest at a very good price and the next day poof it was sold. I also check PPL in Houston daily to see if they get something in that sounds like a deal. We will probably have a problem financing but at least we will try, if we see the right one. We may even put our Florida house on the market in January and just see if it will sell. The problem with that is, we would have to notify our renter and she would probably move and then no rent coming in... Such decisions.. I did give my notice at work for the end of September. I think they burnt me out. I have been working much more than I intended too. I do like the people and I am glad to have the experience. It just may come in handy if we ever take a workcamp job that is looking for cooks. Speaking of workcamping, we are returning this year to Topsail Hill in Santa Rosa Beach to work again for the month of October. We are really looking forward to it. This year we will be there for their Halloween celebration that brings out all the kids in the area. They have asked us to stay until Nov 2nd. No problem. Hopefully we will be driving the tram to the beach again. Usually work just a few days a week and then have the rest off to explore and laze on the beautiful beaches.
In my spare time I have been catching up on everyones travels and blogs and chatting with the dreamers most nights. Can't wait until we are on the road and have more to report..