Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kerrville Here We Come

Well, we have been planning this gathering of dreamer friends for quite some time. It has finally arrived. We will be up early tomorrow morning to take off. Hopefully we will be there around noon. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
It has been a long tough week at work for me. We are closing down our kitchen and dining room at the golf course on Monday for renovations and we have had to pack up. It is not an easy task as our members still expect the same food and service. We also had two tournaments this week. My feet hurt and I'm exhausted so I am thankful it is over and I'm on vacation.....
Just signed off on the chatroom and now heading to bed. Will be back soon with some updates of the fun.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meeting a Chat Room Friend

Not much has been happening around here. Just the usual, work and babysitting. However, Annette from the RV Dreams chatroom was spending the weekend at a campground not far from here. She lives in College Station and we have been planning on meeting at some point soon. This was the perfect opportunity. I drove about 40 minutes to the destination and got to meet with her. It is always so great to meet up with friends we have been conversing with. She is just as nice as I expected. We both agreed that a lunch date is in order and hopefully we will also get together with Penny who lives in Conroe, another RV Dreams family member.
I did start to put together some things to go into the trailer for our departure next Sunday. We will be heading to Kerrville Tx for our dreamer gathering. For those who fulltime you already have it all with you, all the time. For those of us that don't I have to remember so many things. Food staples for instance that I don't like to leave in there for long periods of time. Sheets and towels that I brought in to clean after our last outing. All of our clothing and shoes. The coffee pot that I borrowed from the tt because the house one broke. The list goes on.. Kevin has been loading the truck with the chairs, grill etc. I have to work quite a few days this week so need to be organized.... I am so looking forward to seeing all these fine people, some for the first time and some that I havent seen since June.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maybe Rain and another Birthday

Todays forcast calls for showers. We really need rain and lots of it.. I would love it if it would come today as I am scheduled to work 12-6p. If it rains, no one golfs....so I don't need to cook..yeah.
Actually I really don't mind the job, on most days it is kind of fun. When I took it last April, it was to get me out of the house, maybe pay off a little debt, which isnt happening because there is always something else to pay for, and to get the experience of a short order cook. I figured if we go fulltime it would be good to have it under my belt to work at a campground grille.

Today is another grandsons birthday. Logan is 5 today!! He is grampy's shadow.. He has always loved spending his time with him. He is feeling under the weather today, poor kid. You are not suppose to be sick on your birthday. Below is a picture of the cute little guy.
Happy Birthday Logan....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Year for Me

Well today marks my 59 birthday! Birthdays bring back so many happy memories. I grew up always having a birthday party. It was usually a Valentines theme with those little candy hearts as party favors. My mom went way out and always decorated with the streamers and balloons..
These years it is a little sad though because I miss my parents so much. There is something about birthdays and moms. Even on my kids birthdays I always get that ping in my heart. So today I shed a few tears thinking back and missing her. I'm sure they are both looking down on me and smiling.
Last night I went out for dinner with the girls from work. We went out for Mexican and it was yummy. Today they had cake at work for me. Tonight Kevin and I going out to dinner for Italian (my favorite) and possibly see a movie.. Then home for cake and ice cream with the kiddos. Enough of the celebrating...
Yesterday my daughter helped me post a profile picture on facebook. I had no clue how to do it. Now to figure out how to post one here. hmmmm. I shall try one of these days. Or perhaps wait until I have one of Kevin and I together.. I really hate having my picture taken. I have always been the one taking pictures..
Okay time for maybe a very short nap before heading out again.