Monday, October 31, 2011

Enjoying the Solitude

We love visiting this area this time of year. No crowds….Friday was a beautiful sunny day with temps reaching 76. We arrived that day and just settled in. Saturday it was cooler and windy. The sand was whipping around, so not a good day to walk on the beach. We did go late afternoon down the street to Crabs, to sit outside overlooking the beach and have dinner.  The wind was blocked by the restaurant. .. It was nice.

Sunday the winds had calmed down. Sun was in and out and temps mid to upper 60’s. I decided to head to the beach. I was really looking forward to a nice walk but it is difficult to walk on this nice soft sand. I kept sinking.

Ft Pickens Beach 026

DSC_0001   DSC_0004

I did my best though, lol…There was the usual surf…


  And jelly fish…DSC_0016

And I love the sand dunes…


These beautiful white sugar beaches of the Gulf Islands National Seashore are composed of fine quartz eroded from granite in the Appalachian Mtns. The sand is carried seaward by rivers and creeks and deposited by currents along the shore.

Monday, perfect day. We headed down to the beach in the morning..

 DSC_0028 DSC_0029

We watched these dolphins having fun…


Feeling guilty enjoying all this, when our son and his family are back in Massachusetts with no power since the snowstorm. They are telling them it may be the end of the week. Hope they can find a place to take the kids trick or treating….

This evening we headed back to the beach to catch the sunset…

DSC_0044 DSC_0060 DSC_0066

Tomorrow we pack up and head to Topsail, where we will spend the month workcamping…..

Saturday, October 29, 2011

And, Just What Have We Been Up To??

Not much….except spending some time with our grandkids, which we love.

I have done very little. I am still under the weather. This time with bronchitis, that I can’t seem to shake. I first thought I was just having a bad allergy season, but that wasn’t it. I had put myself on antibiotics and after finishing that up and waiting a week, I figured I needed to head back to dr. My head felt like I was in a chamber, had sore throat and cough that won’t quit. I was given a steroid shot to clear my head (and it did, within 7 hrs) and put on another 10 day stronger antibiotic. Hope it helps.. 

We were scheduled to leave Wednesday morning for Florida. We did…We wanted to take our time before reporting to Topsail for our month of workcamping.  We stopped the first night at Coushatta Casino in Kinder, La. We wanted to add La to our map. We have driven through it so many many times, but never stayed there. Mission accomplished!  What a great campground they have and only cost $18.  Of course it cost us alot more at the casino, lol.. 

Next night we stopped at Hollywood Casino, Bay St Louis, Ms. We always stop here, when we drive to and from Florida. Not sure if we will again though, cost us $35. for the night.. I don’t like to pay that for overnight stops.

Friday we continued on our way to Ft Pickens in Pensacola, Fl.  I had made reservations for a 4 night stay. It is such a pretty area, across from the National Seashore and the beautiful white sand beaches.  With Kevin’s pass, only cost us $10 a night. Only problem here, no sewer. Okay for 4 nights though. It has been quite a few years since we camped here.

Pensacola 001 Pensacola 002 Pensacola 003

On Tuesday we will head up the road to Topsail Hill Preserve. We will workcamp for the month of November.  They called us yesterday to confirm, and told us we will be once again driving the beach tram, our first day of work will be the 4th, which gives us several days to get settled. 

Until then..we hope to relax and enjoy the ocean!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting Caught Up

Our last day in Gillette, Kevin & I got up early and headed to see Devil’s Tower.. It was very impressive.




We were back by noon and I sat out with the gang.  That evening we celebrated Marcia’s birthday at a nearby Chinese Restaurant.

The next morning we all started getting packed up, with hugs all around,we headed out, one by one.   We were heading to Hart Ranch in South Dakota.  Lynette & Gregg and John and Bridgett were also heading to the same park. 

DSC_0090 DSC_0093 DSC_0100 DSC_0106

What a great campground…

DSC_0131 DSC_0133 

The next day Kevin & I headed to Deadwood..Kevin had waited long enough for his gambling fix, lol.. It is a neat old town with lots of small casino’s, shops and restaurants…

100_4009  100_4014 100_4015

After we had lunch, Kevin wasn’t feeling that well and we left, with plans to return another day.

That evening John & Bridget were hosting a cookout at their place.  Kevin stayed home but I went over for awhile.  When I got back home I was extremely tired and not feeling all too well myself.  Everything went downhill from there. It was the start of a  bad week for me!  With so many plans, to see the area, I pushed myself one day to at least do a drive by of Mt Rushmore..


That was all I could accomplish. I was  back in bed in no time. This is definately a place I want to return to some day.

We left on Sunday morning and stopped for what we thought would  be one night in Nebraska. However, the truck was acting up a bit and we had an engine light on. Luckily there was a Dodge dealership just up the street, and first thing Monday morning, Kevin was at their door. Turns out we needed to have  a new exhaust filter replaced. They needed to order one and they were nice enough to have it overnighted. We had it replaced on Tuesday, under warranty, yippee.  We were  back on the road Tuesday afternoon.  We drove until late Tuesday night. We stopped for the night in a truck stop in Kansas.  I was very anxious to get  back home to Texas, so I could see a dr.  I hadn’t eaten in days, I was so weak and really feeling miserable.  We made it back safe and sound Wednesday afternoon. We are parked in our daughter’s  back yard. I saw the dr Thursday morning. I was immediately put on a strong antibiotic, treated for a   bacterial  infection and had blood taken. I was told if not  better  by Saturday to head to the ER.  Luckily the med worked. I started feeling  better by the weekend.  It has taken alot out of me. I have   been exhausted. They want me  back for more  blood work this week.  They are trying to figure out where the heck I picked up this thing. I also started having joint pain in shoulder and knee and they want to know if it is coincidental or associated with this thing.

We are scheduled to be in Tn on Wednesday.  We have plans with a group of friends to have our second get together at Defeated Creek.  If we get there, we will be late.  I have to see if the dr can get this thing figured out. 

In the meantime, we are getting some things accomplished. We purchased a new tire for the truck. Same tire was $50 more in Gillette, so glad we waited to get home to have that done. We have an appointment with H&R Block tomorrow afternoon, to have an issue hopefully resolved with them and the IRS. Kevin has seen his dr and had some meds increased.  He hasn’t been able to get in to see his dentist though and that could  be a problem. The best part so far is, we have really enjoyed spending some time with our grandkids. That is the toughest part of  being on the road.  Missing the kids so much!!  We hope to get to Boston sometime soon also, to see our other two grandkids.

So that about catches us up…Our plans right now are in jello. Who knows where or when he hit the road again. Hopefully soon!!

The Escapade

Guess I never posted this…oh well, better late than never!     

     We have had a busy week working here in Gillette, Wy, for the Escapade. Although busy, it has been fun.. Kevin & I, Mac & Netters handled the Hospitality Area and Popcorn booth along with our many volunteers.  I was just too busy to take many pictures..lol !! I did have the chance to attend several seminars, that were very interesting.

One night we had a Class of 2007 Happy Hour…


Of course there was food…

DSC_0011 DSC_0014 DSC_0015


A few words about the members of the class that we lost this year….


An adoption…


With friends John & Bridget, part of our class now….


This is the really neat Wyoming Center, where almost everything took place, under one roof…


Barb on the right, working at the office…


The closing ceremony…

DSC_0022 DSC_0023 

Molly, thanking everyone for a very successful rally…. DSC_0026

Even though the rally has ended, many of us are hanging around here for several more days..

We had a get together at Marcia and Joe’s last night with everyone bringing a baked potato and a topping….

DSC_0032 DSC_0034 DSC_0035 DSC_0036 DSC_0037 DSC_0038 DSC_0039

Even had some games…


And a serenade by Bea for Mark and Dortha, celebrating their 44th Wedding Anniversary!!


And another one planned for tonight.. The temps have dropped, so not sure if we will last long….