Friday, April 29, 2011

The Smith River and Jedediah Smith State Park

It rained on and off all day yesterday so other than a stop to pick up a few errands we hung out.

Today we had a plan to explore a bit more. We started out by driving a few miles to pick up Hwy 197 and following the Smith River…

 Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 015  Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 024 Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 031

Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 013

The water was an aqua color and crystal clear… We loved this area!

After meeting up with Hwy 199, we were entering Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.  I had read about a drive on Howland Hill Rd, so that is what we did…

Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 040 Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 041 Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 044 Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 051 Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 053 Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 055 Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 069

I wanted to lie down on the ground and take a shot from the ground up but it was so muddy I didn’t… These trees are so massive and impossible for me to capture the true size…

By the time we had finished this drive, we were getting hungry. We then headed to the harbor..

Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 073 Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 074

We had a wonderful lunch of clam chowder and grilled crab sandwiches at the Chart Room..yum

Outside these guys were lounging…

Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 070

We had one last stop.. Battery Park and Lighthouse..

Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 075 Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 077

And that ended our perfect day….

Smith River & Jedediah Smith State Park 080

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ocean Views and the Big Boys

When we arrived Tuesday night, we were tired and just wanted to have a light dinner and relax. When I put dinner in the microwave, power went out. I tried again, and again.. Uh oh, had to pull out the pans and cook on stovetop. After eating we turned on the fireplace to warm up the place, off goes the power again. We were just too tired to do anything about it so decided to wait it out until morning. 

First thing in the morning, we went to the office to explain our problem. They were quite surprised as other folks had just left the site same day. They were also very nice and offered to give us another site with 50amp for the same price. I hate packing it all up but it turned out for the better, as we had been on a 30amp site.  Once all that was taken care of, it was time to go out to see some sights.

First stop was to pick up a burger at Burger King and sit at the beach and enjoy the view…

Around Crescent City 001 Around Crescent City 004

Then we took the scenic coastal drive…

Around Crescent City 009  Around Crescent City 013

It was then time to see some of those Redwood Trees up close….The Big Boy’s..

That is Kevin, standing beneath it…Around Crescent City 018 Around Crescent City 035

Around Crescent City 049  Around Crescent City 046

It is said that these Coastal Redwood’s are the tallest tree species on Earth!!! And they are big!!!!!!!

We just had to do the drive through tree…

Around Crescent City 036 Around Crescent City 042

We ended our day at a local casino.  Wednesday is the prime rib buffet for 9.99.. It was really quite good. Of course there was the usual gambling, but only for awhile. We were both quite tired and headed back home after a busy day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Through the City and Over the Hills

We left Morgan Hill about 8:30 yesterday. We had a 420 mile drive and had decided if we got tired we would just stop for the night. I knew we wouldn’t, as Kevin likes to drive..

Tom, our GPS was routing us around San Francisco but we made the decision to ignore him and travel 101 straight through San Francisco.. We wanted to get a look and also wanted to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. So,  if Kevin was game, so was I!!  After all, he was the driver.. So into the city we went…

DSC_0008 DSC_0012 DSC_0014 DSC_0018


A look at the Golden Gate Bridge…


And over the bridge we went..


And through the tunnel…


A look at Alcatraz…


Then Sonoma County…and all the Vineyards…Pictures don’t do justice to this beautiful area…

Drive to Crescent City, Ca 074 DSC_0068   Drive to Crescent City, Ca 081

Finally getting closer to our destination…

Drive to Crescent City, Ca 060   

We were in awe by the size of the trees…

  Drive to Crescent City, Ca 131

Drive to Crescent City, Ca 134 

And then we got a glimpse of the Pacific…

Drive to Crescent City, Ca 149

We made it to Crescent City after a very long 9.5 hour travel day.  Driving the scenic route sure does take longer but worth it, in the end!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not Much Happening and Easter Wishes

Not much to write about lately. The weather has been cloudy, although in the 60’s. I like the sun, so haven’t been sitting out much.   We scratched the plan to head to Sacramento to see the Red Sox play. Weather forecast predicted light rain, so the thought of paying the price of the tickets to sit in damp weather, didn’t sound like fun.   We haven’t done too much. We did go out to see a bit of the town. It has a very cute little downtown area and we walked around and had lunch one day. Of course there was the grocery shopping, another stop at Trader Joe’s and also the local fruit and veggie stand.  Kevin has done quite a bit of cleaning, lol so the outside is clean…And we had another battery installed on the RV. Ours only came with one..

Our Easter will be a very quiet one.. I bought a ham, although I was in search of a turkey breast. The only few I found were $25. and that is just plain crazy.. Missing our grandkids like crazy lately. Guess it’s the holidays that do that.

We are looking forward to pulling out on Tuesday. We have over a 400 mile ride to Crescent City. Our reservations aren’t until Wednesday, so we haven’t yet decided if we will stop somewhere along the way or drive straight through.

Wishing everyone a Very Blessed Happy Easter!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Area

We have just been hanging out relaxing the last few days. Lots of places to go but the fuel prices are putting an impact on that.


  We did want to take the drive on Hwy 1 around Big Sur, but part of the road is closed, due to a slide several weeks ago.

Today we decided to get out. It is in the 60’s and by the time we headed out the sun was shining and it was a great day.  Before we left, these turkey’s were hanging outside  our home…..

Morgan Hill, Ca 006

Morgan Hill, Ca 011

Our campground… Only 30amp and no sewer but they do have a honey wagon several times a week for $15.



In this area we are surrounded by vineyards. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my friends here with me to go tasting with.. sob

This one is directly next door to our campground….



They also grow lots of garlic in the area…and you can smell it…. They even serve garlic ice cream, yuck..


We drove over to San Jose and had lunch at Five Guys.. We love their burgers and fries. That will do us for the day.

Tomorrow’s plan, weather permitting, is to go to Oakland and see our Red Sox play ball.  Stay tuned for that update….