Monday, September 27, 2010

Grandson Time and On to New Places

Our daughter decided she was going to take a short trip to Disney with her youngest son to celebrate his 3rd birthday. She wanted some one on one time with him..but then she asked if I would like to go.  Of course I did!  Kevin and I flew to Houston a little over a week ago and Kim, Brady and I flew to Orlando Sunday night for our 4 night stay at Disney’s All Star Sports.  Kevin stayed behind in Houston to babysit the older two boys while our son in law worked.  What a great time!!  Brady was wonderful and although he has been to Disney before, this time he loved it all.

We celebrated his birthday at his house before we left for Orlando.

Brady's 3rd Birthday 052

He got to celebrate again at the Rainforest Cafe..

Brady's 3rd Birthday 111

The bus driver also made his day special..

Brady's 3rd Birthday 117

He saw some of his favorites….

Brady's 3rd Birthday 083

Brady's 3rd Birthday 132


Before long our stay was over and we headed on back to Houston. Kevin and I fly standby and couldn’t get a flight back to Cleveland, where we parked our truck, until Saturday.  Once back to our home, we relaxed Sunday, watching football.

Monday morning we took our time packing up. Mac and Netters were parked next door and we chatted with them for a bit, making future plans.   We drove about 230 miles to Batesville In to Indian Lakes a TT park. We have plans to stay here until Sunday. We will then have 3 nights before heading to Tn to Lisa’s gathering. We hope to make a stop in Ky, to maybe take in a few sights…..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

All Good Things Come to an End


Kevin and I were up early and out the door at 6:45 this morning. We had tram duty from 7-11am. We actually got to drive the 6 person golf cart. It was a chilly, damp day, so we were quite busy picking people up and escorting them to the various seminars and hospitality room.  When we finished our shift, we did a little shopping. I ordered the mattress topper which will be delivered to us next week. We also bought rugs for the outside steps.  The rest of the day we relaxed a bit before heading to the Comm Hall for the closing ceremony.  After the ceremony, there was a hot dog dinner and great music to entertain us.  A group of us then headed to play hand & foot.  This was the end of our first Escapade and sure hope it won’t be our last.  We plan on attending next year in Gillette, Wyoming..

Some of our friends…..

Dee, Cindy, Ken

2010 Escapade 002

Karen and Donnie

2010 Escapade 003

Rich and Mary

2010 Escapade 004

Bob and Bard

2010 Escapade 005

Lynette and Greg

2010 Escapade 009

Donna and Keith

2010 Escapade 010

Mark and Dortha

2010 Escapade 011

Jim and Ellie

2010 Escapade 012

Jim and Dee

2010 Escapade 013

Rich, Roger and Barb

2010 Escapade 006 

Kathy and Chuck in front

2010 Escapade 015

Keith Donna, Molly and Bob

2010 Escapade 003


We hitched up and pulled out of the fairgrounds shortly before 9am.  We had an appointment a few miles away to have JT stabilizers installed.  We dropped off the 5er and decided to head to breakfast. When we arrived at the Lux Cafe, we saw familiar faces entering the door behind us. It was 8 of our group of friends. How neat, we got to dine with these great people one more time…

When we got back to Lippert, we had to wait for quite awhile for the RV to be ready. Once that was complete we headed to the Elkhart Campground where we will park for a week.

One more happy hour was taking place over at the fairgrounds, at Keith and Donna’s, so that is the direction we took. After chatting to the gang, we said our farewells. 

It is always hard to leave friends behind, but we all know we shall meet again somewhere down the road!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Our row…

2010 Escapade 001



I headed to the market area here to do some window shopping. At 11;30 I met up with Kevin and we went over to the Nelson Pavillion for lunch and to meet up with the RV Dreamers that are here. It was so nice to see so many and to put some names with faces.

This is the bakery section  where the Amish are selling their yummy goodies…

2010 Escapade 005

We attended the seminar on the Canadian Maritime Provinces. That was a place I thought we would travel to some day but after listening to the cost of the ferry’s once there, I think we just may need to pass on that destination.  There are many other areas of Canada that are musts on our list.  We have driven through the Canadian Rockies many years ago, but we were in a hurry and didn’t get to stop and enjoy our time. Can’t wait to get back there some day.

After the rally happy hour, 14 of us headed to the Lux Cafe for dinner.  We were a bit late getting back to the seminar on full timing, but did get to listen to a good part of it. This is the seminar that Howard & Linda and Mark and Dortha were participating in.


It was a beautiful day and Kevin got started early polishing the 5er. He spent a good part of the day doing that.  I did some actual shopping today. I came home with a pillow that I get to try for the night to see if I like it.  I can’t wait.. I am ready for a new one. This one conforms to your head and is guaranteed for 10 years. I am also considering the mattress topper that keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  I have a few more things to go back for tomorrow.

Kevin and I then attended the seminar on Electrical System Safety. A few things we already knew and a few that went right over our head!

Once again at 4:30 we went to the happy hour. Mac and Jenny were door prize winners today..congrats!   No one feels like cooking, so once again we all headed to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I think there were 16 of us tonight.    With all this eating, t’s a good thing there is walking involved in getting around. That is if you don’t hitch a ride on Mac’s golf cart (like I do alot of the time) or jump on the trolley…


We got a late start this morning but managed to head out to do some errands. Our first stop was at the Rise n Roll for a donut. We had to make this stop just one more time!  Then onto pick up a few things in Shipshewana.  We had a few things we needed for the rv so headed to Elkhart and the surplus stores. 

Late afternnon Chuck and Kathy stopped by for a visit. Then we were off for the daily happy hour and raffle.  Back home for dinner in tonight. I attended the 7:30 talk on the Pacific Northwest.  It was excellent and I can’t wait to get to see this area of the country. Hopefully next year.

We are down to just one more day at the rally…Kevin and I volunteered to drive the tram at 7:30am..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Officially Under Way

We made our way to Goshen promptly at 7:30am Friday morning. There were 4 of us following each other and Mac lead the way.  We all managed to stay together and it was an uneventful drive.  We no sooner got backed into our spaces when our friend Mac reported he was having trouble breathing. To make a long story short, 911 was called.  I jumped in Dortha’s car and we followed the ambulance,  to give our support to Mac and Netters.  After many tests and an IV, he was released and we all returned to the campground.  Luckily, he is doing well…

Saturday was rainy and there was certainly a chill in the air.  I did a few errands with Mac and Netters.  Late afternoon we gathered in the rabbit shed for our happy hour.  Then it was time for playing  hand and foot.  Wouldn’t you know it, the girls at my table were winning, when we got kicked out of the room and had to quit.  Darn!!!

Sunday Kevin and I did some grocery shopping. It turned into a beautiful day.. When we got back I took a stroll around the indoor and outdoor market.   At 3pm we had the official opening  of the 50th Escapade.

Misc summer 2010 001

Misc summer 2010 002


We followed that with a Class of 2007 Happy Hour..       

Misc summer 2010 005

Misc summer 2010 007 

We had an unexpected surprise with the arrival of Howard and Linda Payne. They own and operate the RV Dream website, and they are the ones responsible for getting us all aquainted. It was great to see them again.

Jenny almost fell off her chair when she saw them…

Misc summer 2010 009 

After the happy hour, we all headed to the general assembly building for the show. The performer was Johnny Counterfit and he was great. He performed  many musical impressions.

Tomorrow is the start of the seminars and  presentations. I’m sure we will keep busy and still find time for fun!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Fun Continues


We decided to lay low today. I did a few things around the home front and then went grocery shopping.

Tonight was our soup night with the group. We had 4 crockpots of soup.  Because of the cool temps outside, we had it at the clubhouse.  Not only did we have plenty of soup, but wonderful bread and lots of desserts.  After dinner we broke into 4 tables for Hand and Foot.  Hate to report that the guys won again 3 tables to 1…..boo hoo!!


Another low key day.  Kevin and I went to a local mall, but not for long.  When we got back we ate leftovers. Just as we finished the gang decided to head to Lunkers for dinner. As much as we would have liked to, we declined.   When they returned we all headed for the clubhouse for Hand & Foot.  Dortha came knocking on the door and begged Kevin to play. He said no at first but then caved.  Keith and Donna coupled with us and were excellent teachers.  Once again, the guys won!

Monday Labor Day

Not much doing during the day here.  We just hung around and chilled out until 4pm Happy Hour…. Then we all had a great barbecue.  Again, alot of food.   After dinner we headed to the clubhouse for cards.  Kevin and Mac against Netters and I.  Hate to say it but the guys beat us bad…


We all met for breakfast at the pancake house up the street at 9:30.  Then everyone headed in different directions. Some to Shipshewana,  some to the dunes and casino and us to the casino. We didnt last long. Both of us lost pretty quick.  I’m playing with the money I won last time, so not bad..It sure is more fun when you win though, lol…. While we were out we got a call from Heartland, that we have to have our 5er to them at 9:30 tomorrow morning.  Ugh, have to pack up everything tonight.  I did take a walk up to the game room and played some Hand & Foot.  Finally the girls won at my table!


Kevin and I had to be up and at em, early. We had a 9:30 appointment at the Heartland factory for our repairs.  So we packed up the inside, hitched up and were on our way.  After checking in at customer service we were lead over to the plant. We actually had the plant manager, plant supervisor and line supervisor working on our 5er.  It took them no time at all to locate a pin hole leak in the refrig tubing, reseal and caulk the bedroom slide and fix a broken drawer under our sofabed.  We got great service and will have our fingers crossed that all repairs are now complete! 

After bringing our home back to the RV park we headed to Flair, to bring our air mattress that is leaking  in for inspection. We lucked out there, as they gave us a brand new one.   We stopped for a sandwich before going back to the park.


Today is our last day at this campground in Elkhart. Tomorrow we head to Goshen about 12 miles from here.   Today we had to organize our drive over to the fairgrounds.  There are two groups, four couples (us) with full hookups and we are A1, the rest of the gang has partial hook ups and will be in A2.   We were told to somehow identify our group with ribbon and cards for the windshield so this is what we did..

Lynette is measuring the ribbon…

Elkhart, In 006

Dortha tying the ribbon on her RV…

Elkhart, In 008

Now getting the green cards for the windshield…

Elkhart, In 009

We had some newcomers join us…

Cindy and Ken

Elkhart, In 012

Darryl (Pa) and Judy

Elkhart, In 013

After we got all that taken care of Kathy, Chuck, Barb, Bob, Kevin and I, all headed to Lunkers for dinner.

It is quite unique

Elkhart, In 014

Elkhart, In 018

We found Rich and Mary there..

Elkhart, In 016

Kevins plat of lasagna was huge…Elkhart, In 020

Kathy had the all you can eat frog legs… ewwww

Elkhart, In 022

When we got back a few headed to play cards and the rest of us back to our homes to start getting things together for tomorrow’s move.

We also had two more couples join us tonight.  Jenny and Don and Paul and Penny, both are RV Dreamers.

Our next adventure will be from the Escapees Rally in Goshen.. Stay tuned for more fun!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Rally Beginning to End


We started our day, signing in for the Gypsy Journal Rally and getting our badges. The vendors were all set up and we did a little window shopping..Karen, Donnie, Kevin and I headed out for a quick lunch at the Steak and Shake down the street.  When we got back we just sat around until 3pm when the opening speech took place and the vendors were introduced.

Gyps Journal Rally 005

Gyps Journal Rally 007

We had a visit from Jim Beletti from Heartland. He was trying to find Mac, Netters, Kevin and I to take us out to dinner. When he saw us with our group of friends, he asked if it would be okay to buy 10 pizzas for our Happy Hour.  We all enjoyed and we appreciate the kind gesture Jim.  At 7pm we headed back to the tent for the raffle drawing. In our group, Dortha won a gift certificate for Perkins, I won one for a large pizza and Ellie won a patio rug.  We are now out of  the nightly drawing until the final grand prize.. Back to our circle we continued sitting until the mosquitos took over.

Gyps Journal Rally 010

Gyps Journal Rally 012


Morning starts out with coffee and donuts in the hall. At 9am the seminars start.  There really weren’t any I was interested in until 1p but Kevin attended one in the morning. Tonight was the Hoosier Honey Beauty Contest. A few of our friends were picked to dress up., It was hilarious!

Dennis getting things warmed up…

Gyps Journal Rally 013

Mac escorted by Mark…

Gyps Journal Rally 023

Chuck escorted by Jim…

Gyps Journal Rally 038

All the contestants with Mac showing some leg….

Gyps Journal Rally 044


Chuck showing some moves…

Gyps Journal Rally 048

And the winner is Jim from Geeks on Tour….

Gyps Journal Rally 054


We headed out to breakfast with friends.  Goofed off, did some errands and then out for Chinese with the group.


Last official day of the rally.  We attended seminars until 2pm and then a group of us headed to Shipshewana for lunch at the Blue Gate.   We had the last get together for the rally, under the tent tonight with the final raffle’s taking place.


This morning was a tour of the Heartland plant. We were excited to see this, since that is where our home was made.  When the tour ended we headed over to the Customer Service Center to speak to them about a leak we are still having. They seem like neat people and I’m sure they will take care of our problem. Most likely next week.

Gyps Journal Rally 056

Gyps Journal Rally 063

Gyps Journal Rally 062

We got to see the new Landmark proto type and give our suggestions…Very Nice!

Gyps Journal Rally 065


Late afternoon I went with friends to Michigan (very close by) for dinner at Lunkers.  When we returned we went to the clubhouse for a game of Hand & Foot.  The guys did it once again! They beat us…

This was the end of the Gypsy Journal Rally but not the end of the fun… It will continue!!