Saturday, February 27, 2010

Barbecue/Girls Day Out

Thursday night Chuck and Kathy hosted a barbecue at the picnic area at their park.  It was such a windy day, I thought our food would probably blow away, but to my surprise when we got there, it was an enclosed area. We gathered at 4p but by 6:30 or so it was getting chilly, so we went into the library to chat. Thanks Chuck and Kathy, we will miss you both.

Winter in Tx 2010 011

Winter in Tx 2010 013

Winter in Tx 2010 012

Friday was our planned “Girls Day Out” and boy did we have fun. Dortha had planned on us going to a lunch at a Tea Room. A real girly think to do!   What a blast, we laughed so much.Winter in Tx 2010 014

Little did we know, it was a dress up tea room. There were lots and lots of hats, dresses and accessories to choose from and try on.

Winter in Tx 2010 015

Kathy showing off her new look!

Winter in Tx 2010 018

Mary (aka Nat) and Donna. Hmm, Mary thinks this is just so much fun!

Winter in Tx 2010 020

Dortha wanted to know which hat looks better with this dress!

Winter in Tx 2010 022

We were telling Donna, this hat would be great for her daughter’s wedding!

Winter in Tx 2010 024

Ah, this is the one!!

Winter in Tx 2010 025 

Does this one look good on me!

Winter in Tx 2010 021

Getting ready for tea to be served..

Winter in Tx 2010 027

Aren’t we just so pretty!!

Winter in Tx 2010 026

And then it was over, what to do now?

Winter in Tx 2010 030

How about some shopping? At a ROPA..Winter in Tx 2010 033

Lots and lots of clothes piled high on the floor for 10cents a lb..

Winter in Tx 2010 031

Winter in Tx 2010 032

We didn’t last very long at this place! And believe me nobody bought anything.. It was all for fun.

Our day ended with very happy memories and goodbyes to Anna, Sue, Kathy and Mary, since Donna, Dortha, Lynette and I will be heading to Rockport on Monday. Thanks girls for the best “Girls Day Out”

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dentist/More Eating with Friends

As I have mentioned before, the original reason for us coming to the RGV this year, was for me to have some dental work done. I don’t have dental insurance. My teeth are very weak and I have many fillings that are getting old, like me. I know I need crowns. Well because of all the fun, I haven’t made it to Mexico, that is until Tuesday. Kevin & I got up early and were across the border and at the dental office at 8:10am. I was told to be there when they opened at 8am. There were 18 people in the waiting room! I figured I was in for a long wait. I was wrong, I was called within 10 minutes. I got me teeth cleaned and then a dentist came in to do the exam. He told me the fillings are turning color and seeping.. and that I need to have crowns , 12 of them to be exact. I tried to ask him which ones were more important to have done first but he never really gave me a straight answer. He also told me I need to allow 3 weeks from start to finish. Oh well, we are leaving on Monday so that takes care of that.  I will have to take care of this another time and hopefully they don’t break before that time comes. My visit cost $20.. The crowns cost $170 each, a significant reduction in US prices.. This dentist was referred to me by a friend of a friend.. and by looking at the waiting room, he must be good. It is a very large practice and the office spotless..

Since we had been up early two days in a row, Wednesday was my day to relax. I took my time getting up and just surfed the computer for most of the morning. We did do a grocery run early afternoon.  Late afternoon we picked up Mac and Netters and headed for an early bird dinner at Texas Roadhouse. What a business they have, the place was packed a little after 4pm.  We all had a good meal.   We relaxed for the rest of the night watching the Olympics.

Today is sunny but very windy. We are going to Chuck and Kathy’s late afternoon for a going away party for all of us leaving the Valley.. Kathy has reserved the picnic area at their park so hopefully the weather will cooperate and we don’t all blow away.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dolphin Cruise South Padre Island

Well the group had been planning a dolphin cruise for quite some time. The date was finally set for Monday.  We all gathered at Mac and Netters at 8:30am for our trip to S Padre Island.. It was very foggy when we started out, but by the time we arrived, the sun was shining and a good day was in the making…23807_335217418112_685883112_3655436_7774006_n

South Padre Island 004

Waiting to board…


We set out on this boat…

 South Padre Island 006

We saw lots of dolphins…

 23807_335217553112_685883112_3655451_7632477_n WinteratRetama0773

Lots of pictures being taken…

South Padre Island 011

We passed an RV Park…

South Padre Island 029 

An island with birds..

South Padre Island 051

Boat Cemetery…

South Padre Island 050

And a display by the staff…

South Padre Island 055 

South Padre Island 058

It was a fun and informative cruise!

Lunch was then provided…South Padre Island 060

And to finish off the day, Mac showing off this hat…

South Padre Island 063

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Report from the Valley

Kevin returned home on Monday night. He arrived with a bad cold. He was not feeling well at all.  He was very happy to hit the sofa and veg out in front of the tv.

  Tuesday we had plans to attend a potluck for Heartland owners at Retama Village, but he just was not up to it. I made him chicken soup and he was probably happy to see me head out for the evening. 

Wednesday, feeling a little better, we decided to head to the flea market with everyone.  We had a few things we wanted to pick up, but didn’t stay too long.  After the shopping was completed, we all met up at Jason’s Deli for lunch.

Thursday we had a Heartland Owners appreciation luncheon at a dealer in Donna, Tx.  We were allowed to bring along guests, so Mark, Dortha, Nolan and Donna came along with us, Lynette and Greg.  We viewed new 5th wheels, had a lunch of burgers, hot dogs and the fixings.  The raffle’s were held and Lynette & Greg won a gift certificate to Walmart  and we won a  $25 certificate for the dealership we were at.  The girls wanted to do a bit of shopping, so we sent the guys on their way and we were off.  We stopped at a few stores and then headed to Olive Garden for dessert. Yummy!

Friday, Kevin and I had plans to get up early and head into Mexico.  I wanted to see a dentist.  Well it was pouring rain when we woke, so opted out of this plan.  One of the reasons we were heading to the Valley this winter was for me to have some dental work done.  We have been so busy visiting, playing  and eating, I just haven’t taken the time to have it done.  I hope we get a chance for me to at  least go for a cleaning.   We had a lazy morning and I made a grocery run in the afternoon.  Late afternoon Lynette and Greg, had a visitor. Paul and Mary had dropped in.  Mary aka Nat, is a regular in our chatroom but I have never had the pleasure of meeting before.  So of course I walked on over. It was so great to get to meet finally.  They are a really neat couple and hope we get to spend some more time with them before we leave the Valley.

Saturday, was a beautiful sun shiny day. We had asked everyone over here for a Happy Hour.  We had hoped to play some shuffleboard but there were others on the court.  We had a nice time visiting once again.  And of course there was also food!!

Winter in Tx 2010 016

Monday, February 15, 2010


Saturday I woke to a pretty nice day. The sun was out and the temps seemed ok. I did a grocery run to pick up some food for the planned cookout this afternoon.

About 2pm we all gathered at Mac and Netters.. The girls were sitting inside and the guys hung around outside.  Once the grill was fired up and the cooking began, we moved out to eat.  The wind moved in and it really started cooling off.  We couldn’t wait to head in again.  Alot of chatting and comparing travels. We had  a great time.

Winter in Tx 2010 003

Winter in Tx 2010 004

Winter in Tx 2010 005

Winter in Tx 2010 006

Sunday was a perfect day.. The temps reached 78. No plans today. Everyone was happy to just chill with no plans. I had to finally go to do the laundry. I put if off for so long but I was at the point I could no longer wait. Once there, it really wasn’t bad. You really do meet alot of nice people in the laundry room.  Good for another week now!

I cooked myself some dinner and settled in to watch the olympics

At midnight last night the wind really picked up. So much that I had to get up and look outside.  Our patio rug was rolling around in a ball. Several things had blown over but no damage.  This morning  the temps are 20 degrees cooler than yesterday but at least the sun is out. The wind is around but not nearly as bad as last night. 

Today we were suppose to have a girls day out. It ended up being just Dortha and I.  Lynette and Donna were not feeling well and Kathy had plans to play bridge.  Soooo, the two of us took off to have pedicures. When finished we headed over to Jasons Deli for lunch.  Our piggies were cold but feeling much better with the new color!

Soon I will head to  Harlingen to pick Kevin up. He is heading back from babysitting in Houston.  He is not feeling good at all, but I told him he better get back here!  I actually did pretty well being alone, sure helped having friends to hang out with. It will be good to have him back here though. I miss him when he is gone!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cooler Temps in the Valley

Wow, how the weather changes. I guess we can’t complain, since alot of the country is much colder right now, brrrr.

Tuesday, we hung out in the RV all day. I got caught up on paper work.  We did go out long enough for me to fax something to our realtor and a quick stop for a few grocery’s..

Wednesday, Lynette and Greg picked us up and we headed  back to the flea market. Lynette and I had a few exchanges to make and roamed around looking at a few other things.  We then headed to a chinese buffet, which covered lunch and dinner for the day…

Thursday I dropped Kevin off at McAllen airport for a flight to Houston for a few days. He agreed to babysit for our grandkids while my daughter and her husband do their mandatory training for the airline.  He will be back Monday night, I hope..   After dropping him off, I stopped at ULTA for some makeup and while there got a haircut. That is one aspect of fulltiming that I worry about..haircuts. It was okay, but hope I can hold out on my next one til I’m home again in April.   Once home, I made a pot of loaded potato soup and settled in for a quiet night.

Today Friday, we had a plan.. Greg, Lynette, Donna, Nolan, Dortha, Mark and I headed over to Mexico for some shopping. It was my first time to Progresso. Lots of “stuff”.  I picked up a few drugs, dvd’s, nuts, vanilla, and a few pieces of pottery. We had lunch of course.

 Trip to Mexico 001

We chose to park on the US side and walk across the bridge.

Trip to Mexico 002

Trip to Mexico 005

The line heading back to the US was long,Trip to Mexico 006

Trip to Mexico 007

but we made it…  Since Kevin wasn’t here today, I imagine he and I will make a trip back perhaps next week.

More fun is in the plans for tomorrow……

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Bowl and South Padre

More fun…. Sunday Mac, Netters, Donna, Nolan and I headed to the flea market for several hours. It was my first time there, and  I’m sure, not to be the last.  Bargains galore, but where to put it all.. I just got finished getting rid of stuff, lol.

Then the Super Bowl at Mark and Dortha’s.  We had great food, chicken and beef tacos cooked up by Mark and Rod. Yummm  and a great frozen drink put together by Dortha.  The rest of us provided the sides. 

Texas Winter 2010 025

Texas Winter 2010 024Texas Winter 2010 023

Texas Winter 2010 021

Texas Winter 2010 022

It was a good game and I think everyone was happy with the outcome!   Now time to plan for Monday’s adventure.

Monday was forecasted to be the last nice day of the week, so the plan was to take off for South Padre Island.  I have been looking forward to seeing this area and check out the beach. Donna and Nolan picked us up and Dortha and Mark picked up Lynette and Greg and off we went………First stop of course was for food!  Dirty Al’s was the place.  The shrimp and fish were very good. Next stop the Market Days at the convention center.  We spent some time browsing, and yes, buying a few things.  Now time to see the BEACH!

Texas Winter 2010 027 Texas Winter 2010 026

I took lots of pictures at the beach and they didn’t come out, lol. It was nice, and pretty clean, but of course can’t compare to the Florida beaches we are used to.. Driving on the beach is pretty cool though..

Nolan took us on the scenic route on our drive back to the park. Lots and lots of farm land and we were bordering Mexico and this border fence, a good part of the way.

Texas Winter 2010 028


Another great time spent with great friends!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well 60 Isn’t All That Bad

I was lucky enough to spend my 60th DSC_0310[2]birthday on Saturday with good friends.  We had planned a river cruise on the Rio Grande and it turned out to be a beautiful day…

Texas Winter 2010 001

Texas Winter 2010 002 Texas Winter 2010 014 

 Winter at Retama 002[3]

It was a two hour cruise and we saw lots of action along the way.. The cruise takes you along the Mexican border and we could see Border Control busy at something.

Texas Winter 2010 009

Here you see the paths that have taken some of the illegals out to the river, where they cross when they have the chance.

Texas Winter 2010 013

When the cruise ended we headed into the restaurant for lunch.


When lunch ended we headed back to our place to have cake and ice cream.. Kevin forgot to get candles so he improvised with matches.

Texas Winter 2010 017

Poof, there was quite a flame, but I managed to get my wish in, before we started a fire!


We relaxed and once again enjoyed each other’s company…Texas Winter 2010 019

Texas Winter 2010 020

I always thought 60 was OLD but I was reminded in chat one evening that 60 is the new 40…Now I like that!!

Thanks to all of you my friends, for helping me celebrate!!!!