Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looking Forward....

Well, now that August is all most over, I am getting in the fall mode. We will be going back to workcamp for the month of October at Topsail Hill in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. It is in the Destin area. We just love it there.. We are beach people. I think there is nothing better than sitting on the beach and reading a good book. I have attached (hopefully) some pictures that were taken last year while working there. Several people have asked me what our duties were. As you can see, we drove the shuttle to the beach, cleaned off sites and walkways, drove thru the preserve looking for trash. I also worked in the office. We really enjoyed our stay and the great people we got to meet. This is a Florida State park and we had to put in 27 hrs a week per couple in exchange for a great site. This year the hours have gone up to 30 per couple.

I have been working alot this week, someone on vacation. I get to cook the typical grill food for the golfers. Its not too bad considering I didnt work that much last week. We got rained out. Kevin has been golfing this week after missing it last week because of rain. We also havent had to babysit much these last few weeks but that is about to change. We will get our share of that coming up soon. School has started here so my oldest 6yr old grandson is in school and that helps during the day.
Weather here hot again after the rain cooling it down last week..... Off to prepare supper and hope to be on chat this evening.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Well, once again I am complaining of the heat. I guess getting older does that. I am really disliking it alot. I told someone on chat the other night, the reason we moved from New England was to escape the cold and snow of winter. Well hello, what did we trade that for.... Trying to decide which is worse. I guess I would have to say the snow is worse if you have to drive in it, and I did every day so maybe the trade off was okay. Actually when we left, it was for Florida. We were there 3 and 1/2 yrs before we moved to Texas. Florida is hot but we pretty much always had a breeze even if it was a warm one. I long for the days of heading to the cooler climates in the summer.
I am getting excited about our workcamp stint coming up this October. We will be going back to Topsail Hill in Santa Rosa Beach in Florida. It is in the Destin area. The fall will be a nice time to be there. Last year we spent July & August there and it was just to hot to enjoy sitting outside. I will post some pictures of it one of these days. Nice place... They don't have wifi, that is the only downside. I am trying to decide what to do about it. Now that I am on chat every night and following blogs, I can't live without my computer. So, I am now looking for alternatives. I hate to pay for an air card since we don't travel all the time. I am trying to find out about the vacation mode that verizon and sprint seem to offer. Not sure if they put a time limit on it. Or, is upgrading my phone to broadband access the way to go? Not sure, but plan on finding out soon.
Stay cool everyone.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Looking For A Picture

Boy, I never knew we didn't have pictures of my husband and I together. I am usually the picture taker so I don't end up in many. Last night on chat, Jenny said she couldnt find a picture of Kevin & I together at the rally. I told her I would look for one. Well, it turned into a task. This one was taken last year in St. Thomas, while on a cruise. Not great but will have to do.
We are watching the weather closely. Sounds like that tropical storm may hit Texas tomorrow. We have started to put some things away. Hope it won't be too bad. I can't imagine in this heat not having air conditioning. We talk about getting a generator but haven't done so yet. The day before a storm isn't the time to do it. Perhaps one of these days.......
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

What more can I say. Things here in Texas are unbearably hot this week. The weekend is suppose to get worse. I go from the house to work or babysitting to the pool and back in to the house. Not a very exciting life.. I had plans to go to Florida for a few days but that didnt work out for me. I had to work on Wednesday, right in the middle of the week. Oh well, its hot there also.
I am so happy sitting here thinking of what an exciting weekend this is for some of my chat room friends. Jenny is getting her "new to her" MH today, Nonna is leaving for Vancouver for an extended trip and Moppah is heading out to see her new MH being built. Unfortunately Kathy, one of our dreamer family fell down the steps of her 5er into the picnic table and broke three ribs. She is well medicated and hopefully will be feeling better soon.
I think I will take a dip in the pool now and maybe dream a little.