Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my friends. I sure hope the Easter bunny was good to you all. He sure was here. We are babysitting for 3 of our grandsons and were woken early to view what the bunny left. Everyone seems happy.
Not much to report over the last few weeks. I have been busy at work. I am scheduled to work today at 2pm. It is not a pretty day here and we have had rain on and off, so if it keeps up I will not have to go in. I hate to punish all those little ones looking forward to showing off their Easter bonnets but I really don't want to work today. I have been cooking early just in case. We will have a late dinner. My daughter will get home from work around 5:30 and so will I, if I go, so it will just be a matter of reheating. We are also holding off having the egg hunt until then.
I try to go into the chat room every night. Last night though, computer problems kept me from that. It sure seems strange when I don't go in. The talk a few nights ago was the upcoming Escapade Rally in Missouri. Several friends will be attending in late May. We would love to but probably won't be able to this year. It is a long distance to drive for just one week. We have iffy plans right now to fly to Florida for a long weekend sometime in May. If I take too much time off of work then I will have to quit my job. I am trying to save my penny's now in anticipation of maybe buying a new truck. We would have to do just that before buying a 5th wheel. I have been reading that alot of people are having a hard time financing new purchases like that right now. We are not too sure if we should hold off and hope things get better or just go for it and have more debt hanging over our heads. I think it will be awhile before the housing market is where we need it to be to sell the Florida house......
Look forward to seeing alot of you in Yoville.. Is it time yet to go to the factory?!