Monday, February 20, 2012

What’s Better Than Meeting Friends

No one could have told us when we started in this lifestyle, that we would meet so many great friends.. How funny is it, that you read and correspond with folks that you never have met face to face.  You feel like you know so much about them, like you have known them for years, just by following their blog.  Well this is true of the friends we got to meet today. Donna & Ralph, Our Adventures with Tassie are parked just down the road from us but have been away, so we just now got the chance to meet them.  Elaine and Rick, E & R's Travels,  are staying a few towns away, and decided to come for a visit.   I met Elaine and Rick, quickly last month, while visiting with Dee and Jim, in Avon Park!!  We first did our visiting for quite awhile at Donna & Ralph’s.  Then we all headed to our place for a bit more.

Elaine is closest and Donna sitting at the table…DSC_0012

Kevin, Ralph and Rick…DSC_0014

What fun…Thanks so much for the visit. Hopefully we can do it again some day.   They made a last minute decision to have dinner next door at  the Southern Buffet, but we opted out. I already had dinner planned and we had just been there this past week.  Also, my allergy’s are kicking me in the butt!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Problems but Still Having Fun

You can’t let problems get you down. We sure have had our share.

We arrived in Largo, Fl for our month’s stay on the 1st of Feb.  We had a plan. We were flying to Houston the next day to visit at our daughter and family.  Every year they have a big Super Bowl Party, we decided that since our NE Patriots were part of it this year, then we would like to be there. Another plus was that our son Kevin from NH was there also, doing some painting for them.  Of course spending some time with three of our grandsons would be great too.  We helped get the house ready for the crowd and although the Patriots didn’t win the game, we all enjoyed. Smaller crowd this year. I am estimating around 60 people. The forecast had been for rain but although cool,  it didn’t rain, thank goodness. They set up a super big blowup screen outside by the pool and lots of folks gather outside and of course more inside.

The day after the super bowl was my birthday.  The guys golfed during the day, while Kim & I just chilled out. That evening we all went out for mexican food and back to the house for cake and ice cream.  Loved having both my kids with me for my birthday!

We left Houston Wednesday night and arrived quite late back in Tampa. Flying standby, we just have to go with the best flight. When we returned, I turned on my bedroom tv. No picture and I smelled a burning smell. I immediately unplugged it. Now we were concerned. The prior month, while in Ga, our microwave did the same thing.  We had figured it was just a fluke that we lost that, but now with a second appliance burning out, something must be wrong.

Thursday we headed down the street to an RV place and explained our story. They were concerned too and although busy they sent someone out that afternoon. The guy was quite pleasant and checked many things out. Our voltage was good coming into the RV and at the breakers but the outlets that he checked were real low. He just didn’t know what to do. He isn’t a licensed electrician and didn’t feel comfortable fooling with wiring. The bad part, we had to pay him $40 for the service call and $100 for the hour of work it took to check things out. Yikes.  We have Good Sam but can’t put a claim in, when we don’t know what the problem is.  I spent quite a long time that night chatting with an RV friend Elaine, while she was relating to her husband the problems. He is an electrician and we tried several things, with no results. We appreciate the help.

Friday we were referred to a guy in the park, that does alot of work for people. He came over and checked things out. He looked to see if the breakers were tight and secure. Yes they were. He did flip the main breaker and reset it, just for yucks.  When he checked out our voltage in our outlets, they were ALL Good.  He was real interested in our Progressive hard wired surge protector.  He took the book home to read it and understand it a bit more. He seemed to think that it should have showed a problem. Come to find out, it only works if the problem comes from the outside. Such as low pedestal or storm.  So we know that the problem is on the inside.  We have been getting so many suggestions. This guy isn’t  licensed so he would be glad to look further but I want it to be covered by our warranty. So the decision was made that we need to find someone else.  After asking for suggestions, we have made an appointment when we leave here on the 2nd and take it to Camping Connection, near Clermont. They will deal with Good Sam and hopefully find the problem and get our replacement appliances. Fingers Crossed!!!

We have been busy keeping our mind off the problems.  We had dinner last Friday with RV friends Gale and Anna. I had met Anna a few years ago in the Valley but had never met Gale. We had a great night eating and chatting.

Saturday, Kevin and his long time buddy Don from school days, went golfing.   I had a girls day out with my two good girl friends. We did lunch, movie and a bit of shopping in downtown St. Pete. We all met back at Don & Patti’s for a fabulous steak dinner.

The week has flown by. I had another girls day with several friends from my support group (when we lived here).  We have stayed in touch and always get together when I am in town.  It was fun and we have another one planned. . Kevin and I spent Valentines Day going to the beach. It is great being back to familiar places.

DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0009


We also went to our favorite Italian place for early dinner.  He has golfed again and I have been back to the beach. Yesterday was a lazy day. I did get to the pool and enjoyed a nice soak. 

We also got some work done. We went to CW and bought a new  ozygenic shower head and hose. Put that on, and enjoying our nice showers.  While in Ga, our dryer hose broke from water that had been leaking from our outside vent. We didn’t know how to get at the dryer from behind, but we finally replaced it from the outside in. I can do laundry again! Our bathroom sink faucet had broken, so we bought a nice newer one and had that replaced.  Also, our awning is acting up, we will have that checked out in Clermont while there.  Hope that will be it….

Today I am just not feeling all that great. My allergy’s have been bad. I am hoping that is all it is. I was suppose to have another lunch out with friends, but the weather is overcast and I just don’t feel well enough, so I cancelled. Kevin is out visiting.

Wow, as I read over this blog, we have had a busy week. Have I mentioned that I Love This Life!!