Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leaving the Coast

Yes, we will be leaving the coast of Washington in the morning.  Today we wanted to take one more look at the great Pacific Ocean.

Cape Disappointment, Wa 001

We headed up the road to Cape Disappointment. We stopped at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center.Cape Disappointment, Wa 006

The Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean…

Cape Disappointment, Wa 005Cape Disappointment, Wa 018

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse…

Cape Disappointment, Wa 017

Cape Disappointment, Wa 019   Cape Disappointment, Wa 021

We toured the center and watched the movie, which brought us through the expedition, starting in St Louis in 1804…

Cape Disappointment, Wa 007 Cape Disappointment, Wa 008 Cape Disappointment, Wa 009 

Putting these earphones on, you can hear the up to date info on the ships travelling the Columbia River into the Pacific and  back. Today there will be seven arriving..The first coming from Brazil,  two from Korea, and a few from Canada. There will be two leaving.. So much industry travelling though these waters!

Cape Disappointment, Wa 010

Cape Disappointment, Wa 011

We then headed down to the port of Ilwaco for some lunch…

Cape Disappointment, Wa 022 Cape Disappointment, Wa 023

After lunch it was one more stroll at Long Beach…

Cape Disappointment, Wa 025 Cape Disappointment, Wa 026  Cape Disappointment, Wa 027

And that ends our coastal tour.. We have loved every minute of it, but there is so much more of this beautiful country to see.. 

Tomorrow we head 80 miles inland towards Portland for a four night stay at a state park..

Monday, June 27, 2011

Visiting Mt St Helens

We had planned on doing this trip to see Mt St Helen’s, either Monday or Tuesday, but after checking the weather it looked like Sunday was the best day for weather. We had 120 mile drive and certainly didn’t want to get up there, and not be able to see it… We made the right decision..it was a perfect day, with very few clouds..

Look at all the wood at this logging plant….Mt St Helens, Wa 025 Mt St Helens, Wa 026

A first glimpse, many miles away…

Mt St Helens, Wa 031

And we stopped at all the visitors centers all the way up…

Mt St Helens, Wa 040 Mt St Helens, Wa 048

Mt St Helens, Wa 054

After 31 years, still signs of the devastation..Mt St Helens, Wa 083

       Mt St Helens, Wa 084

New growth…

Mt St Helens, Wa 044  Mt St Helens, Wa 048


Mt St Helens, Wa 086

Roadside snow…

Mt St Helens, Wa 089

Kids having fun…

Mt St Helens, Wa 090

Picnics anywhere….

Mt St Helens, Wa 091

The intense movie about the eruption…

Mt St Helens, Wa 093

And then the curtains open to this….

Mt St Helens, Wa 095

Outside on the deck…Mt St Helens, Wa 098

Mt St Helens, Wa 066 Mt St Helens, Wa 101

We loved it, and feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience this…

On the way down, it was time for a late lunch….Mt St Helens, Wa 113

Overlooking  this river…

Mt St Helens, Wa 109

Mt St Helens, Wa 107

We ended our perfect day, sharing this homemade mountainberry cobbler….

Mt St Helens, Wa 111

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Onto Washington

Well, we get to put another state on our map. We won’t be here long but at least we made it…

Long Beach, Wa 006

We are officially in the state of Wa.. We weren’t too sure about coming to this TT park. We had driven through it last week and didn’t like the feeling. We decided to head here anyway and if we didn’t like it, then head back to Seaside.  But now that we are here, it’s not all that bad. We have satellite and sewer, which we didn’t have last week.  Everyone knows, that makes Kevin happy!  The park itself is old.Each site has an electrical box for two sites, one with 30amp and one with 50. If you luck out and get there first, then you get the 50amp. We lucked out and got the 50amp site… The sewer and water are towards the back.   The grass was knee high when we arrived but they have since done a quick cut job. 

Long Beach, Wa 2 003 Long Beach, Wa 2 004

The best part is the beach is only a half mile walk…

  Long Beach, Wa 008 Long Beach, Wa 009 Long Beach, Wa 012

The beach itself was pretty cluttered with debris..

Long Beach, Wa 2 001

 Long Beach, Wa 014

But the ocean, as always is just so beautiful.. I never tire of it!

Long Beach, Wa 019    Long Beach, Wa 023 Long Beach, Wa 024

The little towns surrounding here are quite neat..

We found the Cottage Bakery, where the big attraction is the Devil Dog..It is a cross between an eclair and cream filled donut.  Yum!

Long Beach, Wa 2 005

We took in the Saturday Market, which was the next town over,  down on the harbor and very nice..

Around Long Beach, Wa 009   Around Long Beach, Wa 012Around Long Beach, Wa 006  Around Long Beach, Wa 020  

Hey Donna, look what we found. They were selling these for $26!  These are cheese platters made out of wine bottles. Our friend Donna has been collecting wine bottles from all of us, with hopes of some day making them. We have all had to drink alot of wine to help the cause!!

Around Long Beach, Wa 015

The only thing I bought, was a mint plant. I was reading a recipe one day that called for fresh mint. Now I don’t remember what the recipe was for, lol….Anyone with any recipes that calls for mint? I think this one is orange mint.

When we left the market we stopped at this nice park..Around Long Beach, Wa 021


Around Long Beach, Wa 022 

There were clouds in the sky, but also lots of sun today. That makes 3 days in a row!! I think it’s a record for the few months we have been in this area.. I hope it keep up..