Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shrimp Boil

Well Sunday finally arrived and it was such a pretty day outside. After running to the store, we all gathered at Bob and Molly’s to watch Bob prepare for the Boil.

Of course we had to have snacks while waiting

Rockport March 2010 010

Bob “The Master Chef”

Rockport March 2010 009

With the potatoes, onions and carrots already in the pot

In goes the chicken

Rockport March 2010 014

And the corn

Rockport March 2010 012

And of course the shrimpRockport March 2010 013

When all of this was ready, up to the clubhouse to dig in

Rockport March 2010 020

Rockport March 2010 025


Rockport March 2010 026

Of course there were desserts

Rockport March 2010 018

Rockport March 2010 019

And entertainment by Molly

Rockport March 2010 028

It was all so delicious and we appreciate it so much Bob and Molly. Thank you.. Also to Keith and Donna for providing the shrimp.

Monday we all headed to breakfast

Rockport March 2010 030 

This was our third Monday to have breakfast at Alice Faye’s. They have a terrific special for $3.  The food is good, the view lovely and the company priceless..

Rockport March 2010 029

Rockport March 2010 031

A little later the girls did some shopping

Rockport March 2010 033

For dinner we all headed out for Mexican food and then headed to the activity room for Mexican Train and Hand and Foot.

Saying Goodbye to Friends

The plan for Thursday was lunch back at the Butter Churn. We all met at 1pm.  This restaurant has a buffet and everyday they have different specials. Today’s was chicken and dumplings, cowboy steak and fried chicken. I have to say I was a little disappointed in the selections compared to the previous visit. We of course ate our share and had some laughs.  Later in the afternoon we gathered for dessert furnished by Donna. She had made another batch of her famous brownies.

Rockport March 2010 003

We had plans to go to a flea market on Friday. Kevin and Nolan were going to stay behind, as they don’t like shopping too much. I was up and ready by 9:00. When I went outside I saw that Donna and Nolan were packing up to leave.. She had received word that her mom had gone to the hospital.  They were our next door neighbors (to our right) and we are very sad to see them go.  We will miss you both and look forward to seeing you again before too long. 

Nolan packing up

Rockport March 2010 007

Donna saying goodbye

Rockport March 2010 008

The rest of us left and headed to Corpus Christi. The flea market  was not at all what we expected and we didn’t hang out too long.  Our next stop was Rudy’s for barbecue. It was yummy.  I had driven with Mac and Netters and after a stop at Best Buy, we took the scenic trip back to the park. We sat outside in the sunshine until it cooled off.

Saturday Kevin and I went out to Breakfast and to do a few errands.  Early afternoon I drove with Mac and Netters to check out some RV parks in the area. We did find one that we really like. We have talked about maybe heading back here next April.  Port Aransas has a Sand Fest at that time that we think we would like to take in.

We are now waiting patiently for our shrimp boil on Sunday. Stay tuned for that…

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wildlife, Beach, Games

We headed out in several cars to visit  the Aransas Pass Wildlife Refuge. Donna and Nolan drove over with us.  After viewing the visitors center we started on our drive.

Texax Winter 2010 012

Texax Winter 2010 013

We saw

 Texax Winter 2010 014

Texax Winter 2010 015


Texax Winter 2010 016


Texax Winter 2010 022 Texax Winter 2010 020

And Deer

Texax Winter 2010 024

It was a perfect day for this 16 mile auto tour with lots of stops and lookouts.  Once back at the visitors center, we all regrouped and made a plan to head to a late lunch.

Rockport Tx 2010 002

Rockport Tx 2010 003

For the weekend we played alot of card games up at the activity room.

Yesterday we headed to Port Aransas for the beach. We expected it to be a great beach day but once there we were a bit chilly with the winds blowing.  Instead of lounging most of us opted to stroll along the waters edge.

Rockport Tx 2010 010

Our pretty toenails

Rockport Tx 2010 008

The boys

Rockport Tx 2010 017

Kevin must play

Rockport Tx 2010 015

Rockport Tx 2010 018

Ahhh relaxing

Rockport Tx 2010 019

From the beach Mac, Netters, Kevin and I headed to do a little sightseeing and shopping.  We ended at the Brewery for a light lunch and met up with Donna and Nolan. After lunch it was off to catch the ferry back over to Rockport.

Rockport Tx 2010 022

We saw this big tanker

Rockport Tx 2010 024

We arrived back at the campground in time to get things ready for our salad get together.  Everyone brought lots of healthy food!   We ate and socialized for awhile and then called it a night.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Catching Up Is Hard To Do

Well it certainly has been awhile since I posted. We are just having so much fun and the time is flying. I have taken some pictures but mine are no where near as good as our friends. They have great camera’s.  It is on our list of must have’s for some day..

We have been to Goose Island to look for the whopping cranes. We did manage to see a few, but from a distance. They are one of the rarest animal species of North America and migrate from Canada every winter


We also saw the BIG TREE..  This is one of the most famous live oaks in the world….They estimate it at being 1,000 years old.


I took a trip over to Port Aransas on the ferry with Mac and Netters.  I really like it over there and must get back with Kevin some day. 

We toured the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi. It was very interesting.       

Texax Winter 2010 001

Texax Winter 2010 002

Texax Winter 2010 008


We are truly enjoying our time here.  Just walk out the door and find a friend to talk to.  We have had many a happy hour and many nights sitting around the campfire either cooking smores, chatting or telling jokes.This past week   Molly and Bob turned us on to a new card game called Hand and Foot.  Oh my, the laughs we have had playing at night. We usually gather at the clubhouse and bring a treat to share.                                                                               And of course we haven’t starved at all. We have had pot lucks, burger night, fish and meat taco night. Also we have tried a few of the local restaurants, some good and some great.


Texax Winter 2010 097 Texax Winter 2010 098

Texax Winter 2010 099 Texax Winter 2010 101

Taco Night

Texax Winter 2010 104 Texax Winter 2010 106

St Patrick’s Day

Texax Winter 2010 107

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Last Resort, Rockport Tx

With the RGV in our rear view mirror, we arrived in Rockport, Tx early Monday afternoon.  There are 7 of us set up in one area and a few more at other parks.  Last night we gathered next door at Deb & Rods for Happy Hour. After a while it  got cool and windy and drove us all back to our homes.  Deb, Rod, Mac, Netters and Kevin and I,  headed to the Big Fisherman for a little dinner.  Back home, we relaxed. My allergy’s are really bad and I headed to bed with some meds.

Tuesday- Woke to a nice sunny day with temps in the 60’s. Kevin and I got directions to the Wally World and headed in that direction.  Picked up a few things and then headed back to relax and have lunch.   Tonight’s Happy Hour was at Mac and Netters. We started at 4p and didn’t break up until 8pm.. Guess we were having some fun.. It got cool when the sun went down so we had a nice campfire..Thanks to Mac and Rod!!

Mac mixing drinks..

Tx Winter 2010 013

The girls looking over  the food..

Tx Winter 2010 014

Donna walking her dogs..

Tx Winter 2010 016


Our nice warm fire..

Tx Winter 2010 018