Sunday, May 17, 2009

Plans Change

This week has been busy at work. Some short days and some very long. I will head in at noon today for what will most likely be a long one.
Yesterday I had a day off. Ours plans were to go looking at 5th wheels. Camping World in Katy was having a sale. But first we had to go to the dealership to leave the truck off to have some things done that were promised.We had not given them the check that came in a week ago from the credit union. I was afraid if we paid them, then the work would never get done. Well, we headed over there at 10am and had been promissed a loaner for the day. Got there and we were told that they couldnt give us one because Chrysler had filed for bankruptcy. Have no idea why that changes things but we were mad. They also informed us that they would put on the rim covers and mud flaps, but that would be all they could do. They still had to order the running boards and they hadnt taken out the electric brake from the old truck. Once again we were not happy. We went next door for a bite to eat while they did those few things. We had to turn the check over to them and are now taking their word that they will come thru with these last few items. They also still have to wash and detail and put in floor matts. We left there after 2 hours.
Now we were on our way to Katy, but a quick stop at the racetrack to bet on the Preakness Race. Ok, now we are on our way.. The exit we get off to get to Camping World goes by another dealership that we spoke to at the Houston RV Show in February. So we stopped by there to take another look at the Montana that we were a bit interested in. This stop turned into 2 hours.
Our heads were filled with quite a bit. The salesman has been selling Montana's for 9 years and really knows alot. Of course he is a salesman, and you know where this is going. He completely downed Heartland products and Camping World. He told us this particular Camping World is in big trouble and will most likely go out of business. He said they had to borrow quite a big sum of money from Thor and that Thor made them promise to sell their products, so they will be doing away with Heartland. He also said that Heartland is in trouble and probably closing one of their factory's. Hmmmm. You just never know what to believe. Anyway it was getting late at this point and we wanted to make it home for the Preakness, so we never did make it to Camping World. I still want to plan another trip to see what they have to say. Of course they most likely will tell us that Keystone is no good and that they are in trouble! Oh and the bad news for us is he said the banks are requiring quite a bit of money down right now on RV's. We may be out of luck until we can sell some real estate.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Its Been Awhile

Well I have been very remiss at writing my blog.. I know, I got a talking to last night on chat.. So here goes..  I never feel like what I have to say is worth writing, kinda boring is more like it.  I have been very busy at the golf course. My little part time job that started out at 2 or 3 days a week has turned out to be 5 days a week.  They only have myself and two other cooks. They are open 7 days a week. So you can see where it leaves us.  The boss keeps saying she has been searching for another cook but  no applicants as of yet. What do you do. I am not the kind of person to let them be stranded.  We will just stay on her.   Luckily Kevin and I have not been babysitting much the last few weeks. My daughters sister in law was visiting and helped with the kiddos.

In my spare time Kevin and I were on a hunt to buy a new truck.  We only had a 1500 and wanted to upgrade to a 3500 in hopes of buying a 5th wheel.  Well, we came across a good deal. We found a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 6.7 cummins turbo diesel (think I got that right) brand new.  We are on a budget so opted for the 2007.  It amazes me how the dealership just hands over the truck before they even have their money or before I had even applied for a loan. We have had it for two weeks now and I just now got the check for it today.. We have to go in with the check, pick up our plates and they will clean it up, add sideboards, mudflaps, new wheels. Hope it was a good decision.  Now we will take our time looking for a 5th wheel.

Another big decision was made this week. My daughter and her husband have decided to put the house on the market and downsize so that she can stay home more with her kids. She is a flight attendant and has many options for schedules and hours.  I think this is a good decision. I have told her that her children will benefit from her being home more and that they grow up so fast.  As many of you know, we have a small guest house attached to their home by a breezeway.  So of course this means we will be moving out also, if and when the house sells.  The market is starting to improve a little but who ever knows what will happen. It could take a year or a week, you just never know.  So the fun will begin!! We will go fulltime on the road. But what to do with  all the “stuff” we have, including all our furniture..   I don’t want to start getting rid of it now in case it doesn’t sell.  Alot of you have been in the same boat so come on give your feedback..

Sounds like we are in for a busy summer here. The heat has already hit us hard. Very hot and humid week..  I have had a very bad spring with allergy’s this year.  They are just now starting to improve, and hope they are gone soon.

I continue to follow the blogs or as Speedy would say the journals of all our friends.  What a tough decision to decide where to head first when we finally hit the road!