Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moving to Nehalem Bay State Park

We were not quite sure how we would make it out of our site today but Kevin did a fine job. Luckily he coordinated it with the fellow across from us. If they weren’t leaving first I doubt if we would have a chance.  Anyway we were on our way on a bright sunny day..

Nehalam Bay,Or 001

One more drive past the Haystack Rock  much clearer than the other day. As you can see the beach was crowded today…

Nehalam Bay,Or 004

We passed by farmlands…

Nehalam Bay,Or 010 Nehalam Bay,Or 011

And Bays…. Nehalam Bay,Or 013 Nehalam Bay,Or 014

Until we reached the road to Nehalem…

Nehalam Bay,Or 020

We were pleasantly surprised with the campground..

Nehalam Bay,Or 051

Our site

Nehalam Bay,Or 053

We weren’t expecting to get satellite reception but we did! I am getting 4 bars on my computer and also have cell phone signal.. We have 30amp but no sewer.. That will be just fine for 5 nights..

After dinner I took the short walk to the beach…

Nehalam Bay,Or 024 Nehalam Bay,Or 025

Where folks were flying their kite..Nehalam Bay,Or 033

And others walking their dogs..Nehalam Bay,Or 043

Some were digging…

Nehalam Bay,Or 037 

And the sun wasn’t quite ready to set..

Nehalam Bay,Or 026

I then headed back over the dunes..

Nehalam Bay,Or 046

That white mark in the background is our RV..

Nehalam Bay,Or 049


Tomorrow’s plan is to head to Portland and meet up with our daughter, while she is on a layover. We will spend the night with her.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Pacific City and the Rain

Well I have been writing my post for several days and just now my little finger hit something and poof it was gone..

So this will be the short version.

We arrived at Thousand Trails Pacific City on Wednesday after travelling 42 miles. It has rained pretty much the whole time we have been here.

Yesterday between raindrops we headed up the road to this lookout..

Pacific City 007

Up at this elevation there were lots of clouds..

Pacific City 004

Then we headed in the other direction to see one of the coasts big Haystack Rocks. This one is known as Chief Kiawanda..If you look closely you can see the face of the chief to the left and his ponytail on the lower right…

Pacific City 015

It was starting to rain real hard so we headed back home..

Today was another rainy day when we got up. This weather is crazy. It pours one minute and then the sun is out the next but doesn’t last long.  We thought this was a good casino day..

Heading back toward Lincoln City we were surrounded by this lush greenery, lakes and ponds….. Very pretty.

Pacific City 019 Pacific City 024  Pacific City 026 Pacific City 027

  We arrived at the Chinook Winds Casino which is on the ocean..Pacific City 030

We both donated a few dollars each and then enjoyed the lunch buffet..

After picking up a few errands we headed back home in time to watch the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins.  They both won and the Bruins are now on their way to the Stanley Cup Finals…Good job!

Tomorrow we head another 42 miles up the coast to Nahalem Bay State Park for five nights…Hoping this rain will subside.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beverly Beach State Park and the Pier

Yesterday I took a few photos here at the campground. I really like it here, Kevin not as much, since he doesn’t get his satellite to work. He is a tv junkie!  I love walking around here and of course walking on the beach. A big wave caught me with my guard down. My sneakers and jeans were soaked. Oh well, no big deal. It didn’t stop me from my walk along the water..

Our site…

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 001

The creek behind our site..Very soothing listening to it….

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 002

This was the hole in the sky we were hoping to get satellite through,  but no luck..

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 008

Lots of loops…

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 006 Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 005

Has the feel of Ft Wilderness for me… We have a full hookup/30amp site.. They do have a few with cable but none were available….

The creek running into the ocean…

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 014


Today was our last day here in Newport. We decided to head to Old Town and the fishing pier.  Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 033


Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 038

We were looking to buy some crab and were directed to this boat..

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 032

We got to take our pick… They claim they are the dungeness crab capital of the world.. Not sure about that…

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 030

We saw momma and baby soaking up the sun…. Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 040

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 041 

The harbor…

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 047


It was fun watching the fishing charters come in and weigh their catch…

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 048


This one is for you Jenny….

Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 036 Beverly Beach Campground and Old Town 050


A picture of our crab before eating…

Crab 002

It was soooo good!

Tomorrow we will head to Pacific City for three nights…. We will miss this area but looking forward to new adventures and more beauty…….


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walking and Reflecting

The last few mornings I have walked down to the beach and strolled  for a few hours.. It’s strange how the solitude of the ocean gets you thinking. I have reflected on how very very lucky we are to enjoy this wonderful life and this beautiful country. Of course the fact that I just lost a cousin to cancer after a long battle, at the age of 59, gets you thinking too.  You really do have to live each day you have. If I died right now, I would be at peace. I know I have lived life to it’s fullest and with the love of my life by my side. We  have two great kids who have given us 5 wonderful grandkids, that we adore.  We have more friends in our life now than we have ever had and yup, I can honestly say that I am happy!  

Leaving the campground, heading to the beach….

Around the park in Newport 002

The walkway under Hwy 101…

Around the park in Newport 003

Ahhhhh…..so peaceful!!

Around the park in Newport 023


Friday, May 20, 2011

Pure Enjoyment!

When we headed to Depoe Bay yesterday, we had no idea we would enjoy it as much as we did. We pulled right up to the wall by the ocean. Lots of folks took out their chairs and sat to take it all in…

Depoe Bay, Or 043  Depoe Bay, Or 045 Depoe Bay, Or 046

The waves were crashing hard against the rocks and it was mesmerizing...

Depoe Bay, Or 062   Depoe Bay, Or 065    Depoe Bay, Or 069  Depoe Bay, Or 071    Depoe Bay, Or 075 

This guy even posed for me…

Depoe Bay, Or 066

            We walked down the street to the Whale Center…

Depoe Bay, Or 078

Depoe Bay, Or 090   

Depoe Bay, Or 094

But we weren’t lucky enough to see any. They had nice binoculars for us to use but the water was so rough that it would really be hard to see a spout…

We crossed the street and strolled the shops. We ordered chowder to go and sat on a bench to once again watch the furry of the ocean...and loved every minute of it!

Depoe Bay, Or 108

 Depoe Bay, Or 096        Depoe Bay, Or 104

What a great little town!

Last night we headed down the street to a steak house that was actually a neat bar. They had lots of tv’s and we took our seats at the bar.  How neat to watch the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins on side by side tv’s! We ordered 40 chicken wings (small but good), split a sandwich, I had 3 ice cold beers and Kevin had several soda’s and we got to see both our teams win.. What a perfect ending to a perfect day!!!