Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Week With Friends



Chuck and Kevin had a tee time for 9:05 for the golf course here on base.,  Kathy and I decided to hit the mall. I was in need of a pedicure so that was on the list and I found one at the mall. Kathy had some good luck with clothing.  On our drive back to the campground we stopped for lunch at Po Folks. We both had chicken n dumplings and it was really good and a very reasonable price.    We had a quiet evening. Kevin watching football and I was chatting.


Finally, we had the appointment for Kevin to have the Mohs Surgery on his ear. He was diagnosed in June with squamous cell cancer on his earlobe. After a long series of events we finally managed to get an appointment to have it taken care of.   Once there, it didn’t sound like they were going to actually do the surgery but after I stepped in and assured them that I was promised that all referrals were sufficient and told it would be taken care of, they checked and yes, they would do it.  So three hours later we were leaving the office and Kevin was clear of the cancer. They have stitched it up and he will return next week to have them removed.  They also gave him a prescription for an antibiotic and told us to drop it off at Publix and we wouldn’t have to pay. Wow, how easy that was. Can’t believe they actually give meds away for nothing, but we are happy.

Tonight there is a potluck at the clubhouse. Kathy and I had talked about attending. She stopped by this afternoon and said Chuck wasn’t feeling all that well and I figured Kevin would be sore and wouldn’t want to go, so we decided to skip it.  Its a good thing because I pulled something in my neck and I am really sore and uncomfortable.


I changed the dressing on Kevin’s ear and it looks good. Dr did a good job stitching it up. It isn’t bothering him either.  Talked to Kathy and we made a plan to go to a 1pm movie. We decided on Secretariat. However, when we got to the mall and went into the theatre, it wasn’t open. Oops, we had the wrong theatre. It was too late to find the other one in time,  but figured we would still head there and see Red,  which was starting at 1:40. We arrived and found a Sams Club next door. We even had time to go for a hot dog and soda before movie time. That saved us some bucks because we all know how much they charge at the movie theatre for a snack.. We enjoyed the movie but still want to see Secretariat. Guess that will be the plan for another day.


Kathy called and said lets go see Secretariat.. So once again we headed to the theatre for the 1pm show.  We all loved it and I think Kathy & I shed a few tears.  We stopped for dinner before heading back home.  The temps are suppose to drop tonight. We will be glad to see the humidity go away.


Kevin and I headed out to do a few errands. I put a crockpot chocolate cake together to take to Kathy and Chuck’s for dinner tonight. They invited us to join them and two old friends that drove 7 hours to visit with them.  Dick and Jane were friends from Ca but now live near Daytona, Fl and Maine.  After dinner we taught them to play hand & foot. The guys won, but as Kathy would say, we let them win!!!  Had a great evening…


We all met at the clubhouse for the Saturday morning $2. breakfast. Then the guys went off to play golf and we girls headed in the direction of Panama City Beach to Pier Park.  This place has lots of stores,  small shops and restaurants. It was a beautiful day with temps in the 70’s and so nice to be out. We strolled around, popped into a few shops but we didn’t buy too much.  We had lunch at Five Guys and then headed back home. Once again a very nice day. Said goodbye to Dick & Jane and we hope to catch up in Maine one of these summers.

Tomorrow will be football Sunday. It will also be our last day here in Panama City.  We head to Topsail at Santa Rosa Beach on Monday……

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back To Florida

We left Tn Wednesday morning with heavy hearts after such a great time. It was hard leaving friends, but we are sure this will take place again.

We drove as far as Montgomery, Al and stopped for the night at a COE park.  We were up early Thursday morning and on the road. It always feels good to us to enter Florida. We both love it here.  Kevin has an appointment on Tuesday in Panama City with a surgeon to finally have the surgery on his ear for the cancer. So we decided to stay at the Tyndall AFB Famcamp in Panama City until Nov 1st ,when we head about 50 miles down the road to our work camp assignment at Topsail Hill for the month.  Kathy & Chuck both arrived here on Friday. They have decided to see some of the area .  They came over for some dinner and we made plans for breakfast at the clubhouse, for the morning. At breakfast, a plan was made. We decided on a trip to Mexico Beach about 20 miles from here. Kathy and I had to put our feet in the water.

Panama City Fl area 009

Panama City Fl area 010

Panama City Fl area 012

It was deserted and such a pretty day. We then headed a bit further to Port St Joe,  there really wasn’t much to see. Alot of the town is closed up.  Then on to Apalachicola, a small fishing town.

Panama City Fl area 026

We strolled a bit and shopped in the fish market before heading back to the campground.

Panama City Fl area 017

Panama City Fl area 021

Kathy cooked up the rock shrimp that was purchased and we had dinner at their place. We called it a night and plan to just chill out tomorrow watching football.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Hate To See It End

I can’t even begin to tell you how much we have enjoyed our time at Defeated Creek. The weather has been a 10 (except for one night) the scenery also a 10 and definatley the campground a 10. But the main factor is the friends we have spent our time with.   Some we have known and others that we got to meet for the first time. Everyone blended well…. It has been a nice relaxing time spent chatting, laughing, playing cards, eating, and campfires.  We had a  few field trips, one an all girls day out, one for a scenic tour and lunch at a chinese restaurant, and one to the Cracker Barrel in Lebanon, where the first one opened.

When Kevin & I left Ma in 2000, we knew that fall in New England would be hard to give up.  That is our favorite time of year. Well we got a glimpse of what we have been missing while in Tn.

Tn Scenery 110

Defeated Creek Tn 036

Tn Scenery 159


Looking out our back window…

Defeated Creek 050 

Defeated Creek 052

Fog over the lake early morning….

Defeated Creek 018

Kevin even got to fish for the first time.. (picture borrowed from John and Sandy)   Tony had a friend take them out…IMG_9576

Guess he liked it..

Defeated Creek Tn 009

Doesn’t everyone look serious when food arrives….

Defeated Creek Tn 003

Defeated Creek Tn 002

Our hosts… Lisa and Tony and their family

Defeated Creek Tn 025

Defeated Creek Tn 024

Defeated Creek Tn 027

We can’t thank Lisa and Tony enough for all they did to make this all come together. We sure hope this will be an annual event.

And as always a beautiful end to another perfect day..

Defeated Creek Tn 015

Next stop Florida………..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scenery, Happy Hours and Entertainment

Today I will share pictures of our last few days..

The beauty..

Defeated Creek, Tn 050

Defeated Creek, Tn 053

The Happy Hours..

John, Mac, Chuck

Defeated Creek, Tn 001


Defeated Creek, Tn 003

Kathy and Donna…

Defeated Creek, Tn 006

The gang..

Defeated Creek, Tn 017

The Honeymooners-Jenny and Don…

Defeated Creek, Tn 021

Judy, Sandy, Mary and Darrell…

Defeated Creek, Tn 022

Judi and Gene…Defeated Creek, Tn 023

Nolan and Kevin..Defeated Creek, Tn 024


Defeated Creek, Tn 028


Defeated Creek, Tn 035

Defeated Creek, Tn 039



Defeated Creek, Tn 058

The Hackett Boys…

Defeated Creek, Tn 063

Defeated Creek, Tn 062

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The “IT” Factor

For most RVers they know what the “it” factor is for them. Those out there that don’t know what we mean. It is just the place that feels right to you.. This is certainly “it” for us….

We left Kentucky about 10am Wednesday morning following Mac and Netters to Tennessee.

Defeated Creek, Tn 004

Defeated Creek, Tn 008

Defeated Creek, Tn 015

We arrived a bit early, due to the time change at

Defeated Creek, Tn 018


We got really excited and it was evident that this was a very beautiful place…

Defeated Creek, Tn 019

Our site wasn’t available, as check out isn’t until 3pm and it was only 1:30, they told us to park next door at Lisa and Tony’s site until ours was vacant.  So we watched Mac and Netters set up and we patiently waited, and waited and waited…. Tony arrived and he parked in another space for the time being and we all waited and waited and waited… 3pm arrived and still no one was home at the MH parked in our site… We knocked and knocked but no answer. We were a little worried because the outside light was on..We finally moved to another site so that Tony could get his trailer set up. Mac and Kevin headed to the office around 3:45 and explained the situation. They said they would try to reach the people. At 4:30 a campground host arrived to tell us, they had reached the folks and they were on the other side of Nashville and thought they had another day in the site.  Yikes! We were not happy campers at this point. We just wanted to get set up.. They offered us another site for the night and told us we could move into ours either when the folks returned or next morning. We decided to hook up in the replacement site. We had now been waiting 3 hours!   We went ahead and had our happy hour with our friends. When the folks returned they didn’t even apologize, they just hooked up. The office had suggested they pay us for the night which they did, after we asked.  We still couldn’t believe they didn’t seem sorry. She mumbled something like this has happened to us before.. Well then, they should have known better. All we were really looking for was a Big Sorry….It takes all kinds… Anyway, it didn’t keep us from having a good night with friends. In this beautiful place there is no way, one could stay mad…

Next morning, we moved to our spot, nestled between Mac and Netters and Lisa, Tony, Rick and Tez..

Defeated Creek, Tn 030

This is our site…

Defeated Creek, Tn 032

This is out in back of our site…

Defeated Creek, Tn 024 Defeated Creek, Tn 023

Here are a few of the gang….

Defeated Creek, Tn 041

Defeated Creek, Tn 044 Defeated Creek, Tn 043  Defeated Creek, Tn 042

Defeated Creek, Tn 045

This is how we end our day…(before we have our campfire)

Defeated Creek, Tn 049

It just doesn’t get better then this…Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and absolutely wonderful, fun friends!!!!!