Friday, September 6, 2013

Where Has Summer Gone

It sure has been awhile since I wrote. Don’t know where the summer has gone. Well for one thing, it has gone on without my rv. That’s right, still no rv… I am scheduled to leave here for my journey to N Carolina around the 16th or 17th.  I check on the rv every week.  Two weeks ago I informed them that I was leaving on a trip on the 10th and needed it by then.  They have been trying to get it all done for me. The actual RV Dreams Rally doesn’t begin until Oct 3rd but I will be travelling with another solo rver and we want to take our time getting there…

All cabinets and furniture stored outside..

2013-08-28 14.03.41

A look at the new floor..

2013-08-28 14.04.36

They are now working on putting it all back together and replacing the roof... They have a list of little things to do too. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be done in time for my trip..

The highlights of my summer:

Were having Mac and Lynette nearby to visit  and eat out with....

A great trip to Galveston with family..

Having all five of my grandchildren here in Tx..


A wonderful trip to the Big Island of Hawaii with my son Kevin and daughter in law Jen..

The kids have headed back to school..


Where oh where has the summer gone….but I am ready for some nice fall temps~