Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boerne, Tx..

We  spent last week  in Boerne, a nice little town in the Texas Hill Country.. Our drive was a pleasant one. The wildflowers are really thriving this year. 

March 2010 018

March 2010 017

2010-4-16 068

We had a full week of activities planned with  this small group of Escapees for their annual First Class Reunion.. It is made up primarily of members of the Class of 2007 but we were welcomed into this great group of people. 

We had happy hours, pot luck dinners, dinners out, tacos in a bag, make your own sundaes, dessert contests…..


2010-4-16 010

2010-4-16 020

Mac and Netters had to leave due to a death in the family but we had them with us all the same..

ChickieNette and FroggieMac


2010-4-16 013 2010-4-16 021

Then there was the Famous Cowboy Bar in Bandera!!

You bring your own steak and put them on these big grilles…

2010-4-16 032

2010-4-16 042

The decor in the bar…

2010-4-16 038 

2010-4-16 039

2010-4-16 035 2010-4-16 040

You really should click on the picture to get a closer look…..

We had geocaching workshop, a computer workshop and a wonderful talk on Alaska..

2010-4-16 001

We had skits and entertainment…

2010-4-16 025

2010-4-16 029

And lots of games of Hand and Foot and Mexican Train….

We even had prizes

2010-4-16 028

And lots and lots of fun…

Thanks to the Escapees Class of 2007 for including us…

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting Things Accomplished

This week I have a long list of things we need to get done while here.  I have been crossing them off the list as they get done. Not doing too bad.   The biggest was getting our taxes done. I have not been sleeping well and I think it’s because I had that hanging over my head.  I thought maybe we would owe some money but luckily we are getting a nice refund.  That should help me sleep better now.

We have plans to head to Boerne Tx and catch up with some of our friends for a small Escapee rally.  We originally thought we would head out on Sunday but we have changed our plans to Saturday.  Boerne is in the hill country and I love it up there. Can’t wait to see the wildflowers out that way.  They are really springing up around here now. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time with the Grandkids

One thing about full timing is missing the grandchildren. We took the two oldest boys back to the RV with us.  We are about 20 miles from their house at the Thousand Trails at Lake Conroe. Of course kids like to keep busy and boy or boy do we get tired easy. We started with a little play in the playground and then on to a game of miniature golf and a try at tennis.  Early evening Grampy took the boys to the lake to feed the ducks.


 April 2010 001


Saturday morning we headed to  the clubhouse for some arts and crafts. Aren’t these bunny’s cute.

April 2010 003

April 2010 004


April 2010 005

Back at the RV we had some hot dogs and waited for our daughter to arrive with Brady the two year old.  It was about time to head to the clubhouse to color eggs.

April 2010 010

April 2010 012

April 2010 014

Grampy had some fun time coloring with Brady

April 2010 007

Logan and Brady

April 2010 008

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We spent it at our daughter’s house and enjoyed a dinner of ham, cheese potatoes,broccoli and biscuits.   Of course lots of candy..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Last Few Days In Rockport


Tuesday was our return trip to the beach. We followed each other over on the ferry to Port Aransas,  and on to the beach.  It was a little windy but much warmer than our last visit.  We sat and enjoyed the sunshine and laughter.  It was a good day for strolling and scoping out sea shells. Rockport March 2010 037

Rockport March 2010 040

Rockport March 2010 043

Rockport March 2010 044 

After spending several hours relaxing on the beach, we had worked up quite an appetite.  We didn’t want to starve, so headed to Fins.. They are known for the burgers. I had been there a few weeks ago with Mac and Netters.

Lynette doing the taste test….

Rockport March 2010 053

Rockport March 2010 054

Here is our group…..

Donnie and Karen..

Rockport March 2010 058

Molly and Bob..

Rockport March 2010 059

Keith and Donna..

Rockport March 2010 060

Lynette and Greg..

Rockport March 2010 062

Rod and Deb..

Rockport March 2010 063

Mark and Dortha..

Rockport 2010 025_thumb[1]


Kevin and I..

Rockport March 2010 057


Wednesday, Kevin and I had to have some work done on our RV so we were homeless for most of the day.  I hung out with Lynette and she helped me with some beading.   That evening we all went to dinner at the Crab N down the street. We were celebrating Donna’s birthday and they had picked the place.  After dinner we went back to the clubhouse for birthday cake.  Then it was time to say goodbye. This was our last evening together.  We have had such a great month here in Rockport.  There isn’t much more one could ask for.  We have had perfect weather, great food, and a fabulous time with friends.  What memories!  Thanks friends for everything… This sure is the life!!!!!

Rockport March 2010 065

Everyone started pulling out of The Last Resort this morning.  Several of them are heading to Boerne Tx in the hill country.  They will be there for a rally, week after next.  We may try to get to it.  For now we are settled at Lake Conroe Tx, close to family……..