Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good News/ Beach

Just got the call from the dealer here that has been working on getting Dometic to replace our awning.. After seeing the pictures, the gave us a yes, they will replace the roller and awning…. That has made us very happy. Only problem, we are not sure when they will get it in. They needed more info from us and the order will go in tomorrow. Alot depends on having it in stock. We should have an answer tomorrow. If it is something that can be done in the next week, we will just stay here until that can happen. What better place to be stuck!

Today was beautiful, sunny and in the 80’s. I headed to the beach for a few hours and just relaxed and read.. Kevin stayed put. 

Rain may be heading this way, but we hope not, as tomorrow night is the start of the Halloween Celebration here at the park.. Will let you know..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tour of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Today is cloudy but the forecast calls for temps in the 80’s. Not quite there yet.. We had a lazy morning and went to Walmart for a few errands.

I am posting the pictures I took yesterday of the park. It really is a very nice campground. Some people like the 100 section where it is more manicured but others opt for more of a rustic, treed site and some around the small lake. Or as we call it a pond. We hear there is good fishing..

Topsail Hill 028

Topsail Hill 029

The office

Topsail Hill 025


Topsail Hill 022


Topsail Hill 021

The 100’s section

Topsail Hill 015


Topsail Hill 014

Topsail Hill 018


 Topsail Hill 013

Lake sites and the clubhouse in background

Topsail Hill 004

Our street

 Topsail Hill 010

Street with cabins



Topsail Hill 005

Newly constructed cabins about to open

Topsail Hill 008

The new tent sites, not yet opened

Topsail Hill 031


Outdoor theatre where they do interactive talks and moviesTopsail Hill 032

And finally the road to the beach..

Topsail Hill 003 

That about sums it up. Hope you now have a better idea on why we love this park.. Of course I have already shown you the real draw..

The awesome beach!

Topsail Beach 003

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Official Last Day of Work Here at Topsail

Well, this month sure has flown by.. Yes, today was our last day driving the beach tram.. And a wet one it was.  We picked up the golf cart at 8:30 and headed to the office to get keys to the tram and pick up our list of checkouts. We only had 11 checking out.. They told us to hold off on the tram runs until we hear from them. We were sent home.. We didn’t hear from them again until 1:30, telling us to start doing the runs again at 2pm. So it certainly was a fast day.  Once the rain had stopped we took the opportunity to take some pictures all around the park. I will post them maybe tomorrow.   And I said it was our official last day because we will be helping out Friday and Saturday night with the Halloween Bash.  We are scheduled to leave here on Monday.

I spoke to our dealer today about our awning and the pictures I had sent them. Of course they claim that they checked it out and the awning was fine.. We don’t believe that. Looks like it was probably a problem from the factory, but who knows. We only know it didnt happen while we had it or we would have known it, for sure.  They gave me a number to call Heartland. I did just that and the guy I spoke to was great. He gave me the number of a dealer in Panama City not to far from here. I called them and they asked for me to send them pictures. They will check that out tomorrow and get back to me but have penciled us in for Monday. Hope all that goes well.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lazy Saturday and then Back to Work

Saturday we had decided would be a lazy day and that is exactly what it was.. Kevin enjoyed watching football and I got caught up on laundry…Although I don’t enjoy the laundry thing, it was a nice day and I took the opportunity to sit on the porch at the laundry room and read.

Sunday was our first day back on duty. It started out cool but the sun came out and it was another beautiful day. We had about 50 checkouts so were kept quite busy in between our shuttle runs to the beach.  Luckily we do get the sites cleaned up pretty much before noon. That way, we have the afternoon free between shuttle runs to catch up on football. I was even a good wife and did the 3pm run myself and let Kevin stay and watch one of the games.  I was so exhausted after dinner, I knew it would be an early night. I got into bed with my computer and signed into the chatroom for awhile. I got booted when my battery died and was too tired to go get the plug.. Oh well, I was off to sleep shortly after that.

Monday, another work day and it started out cloudy, but wasn’t long before the sun was shining. The temps were in the 70’s and we loved driving around.  The park is fairly quiet this week. I’m not too sure if it will fill up for the weekend since it is Halloween. They are having a celebration here on Friday and Saturday evening. From what we have heard the town come out for this event.  Everyone has been asked to work. I will be on concessions and Kevin will be working the parking lot. They started putting up the Halloween decorations for it today. Looks like fun.. Just hope the weather cooperates.  Tonight we needed to get a few errands at the grocery store so we decided to have dinner at the Golden Corral. Good dinner but ate way too much and feel way to full right now.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Fun Day in Pensacola

Today’s weather forecast called for rain on and off all day. We made the decision to head to Pensacola.  We left fairly early about 9:30 and stopped at Camping World on the way. I have a favorite restaurant at Pensacola Beach, called Crabs. I love the she crab soup they serve. 100_3138




We  arrived and the door was locked. We figured we were too early and that they probably don’t open until noon but the sign said open at 4pm…Oh no, what disappointment I felt. My mouth had been watering for the soup.  Kevin said thats okay we will come back at 4p. Oh yeah! We drove down the road to Ft. Pickens where we have camped several times in the past. However hurricane Ivan blew thru there 5 years ago and devastated the area. The road was completely closed in with sand and most of the hotels, houses and restaurants were severly damaged. We found this out two years ago when we visited the area. Today we were thrilled to find out that pretty much everything is rebuilt, the road is open and the campground is now open.  It took a long time to rebuild but definately worth it. This is such a beautiful area and walking distance to the beach.

Next stop


The Naval Air Station.  We had a few things to pick up at the exchange and while there Kevin got a haircut. Then on to the Navy Air Museum.  We have been here before and really enjoy each time.  Wouldn’t you know my camera gave up on me.  Some how I must have hit a button and switched to internal pictures and it was full. It wouldn’t let me transfer back. I also carry another picture card in my camera bag and when I went to get that out, it was gone. I bet I lost it taking the camera out.  Really a shame because I had many picture opportunities the rest of the afternoon.  This base is a great one to drive around due to it being on the gulf.  Very pretty. We checked out the lighthouse and then the campground.

We headed back to Crabs. We arrived 1/2 hr early so walked down on the beach.  It had turned out to be a beautiful sunny day in the 70’s. I took a seat and watched and listened to the surf. The waves were huge. In fact, they were patrolling the beach and not letting anyone in the water. Finally 4p arrived and we sat out on the deck so we could still be by the water.  It was happy hour, wings, shrimp and oysters .25 each.  Oh yum, along with the she crab soup..  A perfect day, drink in hand, wonderful food, good music and sitting by the ocean..  What can be better than this!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Relaxing Day-Beach and Dinner

I was really hoping I could sleep late today but like clockwork I was up by 7am.. I did laze around for a few hours before we headed to the beach. Today it was cloudy and very windy at the beach. I loved it. There was a time when I would only go when the sun was shining strong. Now, I prefer a cloudy day. Sitting on the beach, with the sun poking thru now and then and listening to the  strong surf. What could be better. It is certainly a stress reducer. Very, very relaxing.

 Topsail Beach 079Topsail Beach 080

Tonight we went out to dinner. Why not continue the relaxing day with not having to cook.  We went to a fish place down the road.  I decided to try the fried softshell crab.

 Topsail Beach 084

Honestly I wasn’t crazy about it and I love crab. I have never ordered the softshell crab before.  Kevin had the jumbo shrimp stuffed with scallops and wrapped in bacon.

 Topsail Beach 082

Now his was good.. We topped it off with dessert. I had a delicious homemade bread pudding. Oh yum. Kevin opted for the brownie ala mode.

We are now settled in for the night. We have not heard from the dealer about our awning. I will give them a call tomorrow.  Still have those fingers crossed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Work and Visit from a Chat Room Friend

We were on duty here Monday and Tuesday. Oh, what beautiful weather.  It was a perfect day to drive around on the golf cart and the shuttle. We were not busy and had the chance to spend time  talking with the campers here.

Today we had a visit from Rob from the RV Dreams chat room. He lives in Tallahassee and when he heard we were here, took the 150 mile  drive to meet up.


He and his wife have had their house on the market a little over a year now and are anxiously awaiting the day when they can be out on the road. He spent several hours here just chatting. It was real nice to meet him, he is a great guy.  Thanks Rob for coming. Sorry his wife couldn’t make it, but she had some appointments.  While he was here we put out the awning, which we haven’t used as yet. When he looked up he saw a problem.. Several slits in the awning over the door.


Just before he left he noticed the roller bar had a dent in it.  We can’t figure out what happened. Like I said we haven’t used it until now.  They didn’t  open it up all the way on our PDI because it was pouring rain.


I have a call in to the dealer and have sent pictures. A little worried since awnings are not covered under warranty.  Keep the fingers crossed that we don’t have a problem..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Weekend Visitors

We decided to split the kids up for their stay here. Once slept with Grampy on the pullout and one with me in the bed. Saturday morning at a very early hour I heard grampy and Logan talking. As I glanced at the clock it was only 5:45 and with that Joey who is next to me wakes up saying he doesn’t feel well. And within seconds he was getting sick. Not a good start to our day. We got up and cleaned up. Shortly after that they were already asking what time can we head to the beach. Overnight the temps had dropped drastically. It was in the 50’s outside. We had to tell them we would hold off on the beach until 10:00. The coloring books came out and that kept them busy until it was time. We gathered all our beach stuff and headed for the tram stop.100_3077

Hmm, we were the only ones on the tram, wonder why?!  We found out when we got there. It was mighty windy, but the boys went about testing 100_3090 the water.100_3088


and playing in the sand..  We only stayed an hour. They were freezing after getting wet,so we took the 11:00 tram back.  After an early lunch Joey was not feeling well and we took it easy the rest of the day.  Logan and I  headed to the laundry room since I only have one set of sheets!

Sunday morning it was a wee bit warmer. Once again the boys wanted the beach. We decided to drive down the road to another beach close by. They chose not to wear bathing suits today, just play on the beach.  We had a great time. I enjoyed sitting with the sunshine on my face while they ran around and had fun playing in the sand.100_3104 100_3109 

We saw lots of jellyfish washed up onshore.100_3113

Glad we weren’t swimming with them.

Someone had left a sand sculpture behind.100_3097 

For lunch we decided to head to Fudruckers. This is a restaurant that has an alligator pool outside. You can buy food and feed them, but since it was cool they were just lying on a dock and sunning.100_3116


By late afternoon it was time to head to the airport for an early evening flight back to Houston. Luckily Joey was feeling better today and got to enjoy himself. We did too and loved having them here with us.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall is Here Finally

Yes, it has finally cooled off and does feel like fall.  Only problem with that is we have two of our grandsons that arrived tonight to spend the weekend with us. Hopefully it will be warm enough for the beach. They are looking forward to it.  We picked them up at the Ft Walton airport which is on the Eglin Air Force Base.  On the way home we stopped at McDonalds. They said that it was the bestest McDonalds they have ever been at. It really is a cool one. It has a jungle theme,with trees and animals that make noise. We are now back in the campground and they are coloring for awhile before bed.

Today went really fast. I did a little cleaning in here but other than that don’t know where the time went. Guess most of it was spent on the computer.

For those wondering how I like my new bed topper. It is much more comfortable than just the mattress.  It isn’t as thick as some others but sure does help the comfort level. I have been sleeping much better. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Work and Rain


Boy or boy, did it rain during the night. I guess all my friends out there sent it this way. Just as we were leaving for work, it stopped. We had a good day, only 22 checkouts and because of the clouds not too busy with the beach tram.  Our last run was at 4pm but with storms heading back this way the rangers closed the beach so we did another run around 4:30. Back home we had dinner and settled in for the night.


Once again we had heavy rain this morning. The weather didn’t seem to know what it wanted to do. Sun would come out then hard rain again. Not a beach day at all. I was kind of glad to have a lazy morning to stay in. I have so many things to still straighten out in here. Seems like we are never home. I pulled out the filing cabinet I had bought and started sorting and filing some of the papers I had in a shoe box.  When I tired of that job I decided to shower and head out shopping. With two of the grandsons coming tomorrow for the weekend I needed to stock up on some stuff.  They are calling for much cooler temps the next few days. I sure hope its warm enough for the beach. The kids are looking forward to it and so am I….

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shopping, Laundry and Decisions

This morning we woke once again to a very cloudy sky. We had rain during the night and it certainly looked like more was coming.

We invited two of our grandsons to visit with us this weekend. Since we are suppose to be working on Sunday, Kevin set out on his bike to find someone to switch days with us. He returned with good news, so we will now be working tomorrow in place of Sunday. Since we didnt know exactly where the airport was that they will be flying into, we decided to go find it. It is about a 45 minute ride from here. The airport is on Eglin Air Force Base property and since we were close to the BX and commissary, we figured we would go check that out. I ended up buying a Cloud Nine Memory Foam Mattress Pad. The bed is not all that comfortable and I have been trying to decide what to do about it. Hopefully this will help out some. We picked up a few more things and then headed back. 

Now that we are working tomorrow. I had no choice but to do laundry. we had no more clean work clothes. Wouldn’t you know it, the sun came out and it turned out beautiful and here I am sitting on the porch of the laundry room. It is nice out here though. A rocking chair and a nice little breeze.. Well, it is only 4pm and I could still head to the beach, but now I feel lazy. It has been a full day….

Monday, October 12, 2009

Camping World/Lunch


This morning was very  cloudy. so we made the decision to drive to the closest Camping World about 45 miles from here. We had a few things that we needed to get and figured we might as well get that out of the way. By the time we left here it was raining hard. Driving thru Destin and Navarre is lovely. After dropping a quick $100 we made the decision to stop for lunch at the Dewey Destin in Destin Harbor. It is just a little hole in the wall but has very fresh fish. 100_3071 100_3068


The sun was shining by the time we had lunch and it was hot but we sat outside and had a nice breeze from the ocean.  On our way back to the park I spotted a Pottery Barn and asked Kevin if I could run in and see what they had. It was huge and I roamed around admiring all they had. If I still had my house I would have been in trouble but I don’t have the room for anything now. The store reminded me of a Garden Ridge for those of you that have one near you, but much nicer.

I had hoped to head to the beach when we got back to the park but it had clouded up once again and I ended up just getting on the computer and actually stayed on it for several hours.  I  can hear the pitter patter of the raindrops now as I type I think its time to check in with the RV Dreams chatroom…

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Driving the Beach Tram

Well today is the last of our three day stint this week  We have been very busy all w/e long. We start our day at 8:30 by picking up a golf cart, keys and a sheet with all the outgoing campsites. Our first stop is the beach to blow off the boardwalk and pick up trash.

100_3057 100_3059  100_3063

Next stop is the first tram stop where we pick up the truck and tram100_3065 100_3066

We have a second stop before heading to the beach. We do these runs every hour.  Between runs, we drive around in the golf cart checking off those that have left the park and clean off the site. We keep in touch with the office to let them know when the sites are available.  It doesnt take long before we are ready once again for another beach run..

We love it here as I have said many times before. We get to meet so many great people.  We will now have 6 days off. We have no special plans but I’m sure we will find some time for100_3058

this beautiful beach….

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well Sunday was our first day on duty here at the park. Even though this is our third year here driving the tram, they still require one day of training. The golf carts only hold two people so Kevin took off with one guy and I with another. Last year the tram to the beach ran every two hours but this year they are running it every hour until Nov. The good news is the last run we have to do is 4pm not 6pm as in previous years. They have the ranger do the last two of the day.  In between tram runs we drive around and note the checkouts, blow off the site and pick up pine cones.  All went well. We are off until Friday and will do three days in a row then.

Monday we woke to very hard rain. So what else to do but once again go shopping. We picked up a few things at Target and then stopped at Home Depot and bought ourselves the Weber Q grill.  We got home and relaxed the rest of the day. The rain did stop by afternoon.

Tuesday took our time getting it together. We decided it looked like a good beach day. So that was the plan. Instead of taking the tram to this beach we opted to drive down the rode to another beach we enjoy.

It was just beautiful. To us the beaches here in the Destin area are the best in the US. They really remind us of the caribbean, with white powder like sand and green crystal clear water.  We didn’t stay too long. With both of us having fair irish skin, we always start out slow.  We made a stop on the way home at Publix for a sub to share and to pick up some shrimp for dinner. 

With two more days off I’m not sure what the plans will be.            

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Getting Settled

Wow, it sure  takes alot to get settled in a new home! Seems like I haven’t stopped. Yesterday Kevin and I went shopping for some things that we can’t live without. Today I was back at it myself.. We have priced grills, ladders, small blowers to name a few. I think we have settled on the Weber Q grill. How many have that one, and if so are you happy with it?

I have put off doing the laundry for as long as I can. I don’t like this job. I am seriously thinking I may want to get the washer & dryer stackables. Only problem is, I have that closet filled right now.. What do I do with the  stuff in there now.

Here are a few photos

100_3040 100_3048 100_3037 100_3038