Sunday, November 30, 2008

Up Early, Football and More Football

Sunday: I think I was awake around 3am this morning. I wonder if I will get used to this time change. Probably by the time we leave... Stayed in bed and watched a little tv until getting up about 7. Kevin cooked breakfast out on the grill. About 9 we headed over to the casino so we could get our football bets in and then settled in to watch our teams lose. We also bet on a few dog races. No luck at the black jack table, didnt stay there too long. We had burgers and then headed back to the RV to watch more F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L.. Guess what we lost all our games.
I took a walk and talked for a while with our neighbors from Vancouver. We are both very tired and plan on staying in tonight. And we can watch More Football. Tomorrow we head to the strip and check into our Hilton time share for several days.

First Full Day in Las Vegas

Saturday: Our first full day here in Las Vegas. This morning we headed to Dunkin Donuts at Sams Town. We played a little black jack and went into the sports book for Kevin to bet on some college football. We also played a free football pool. Went back to the RV, had hot dogs for lunch, did laundry and walked around the park. The sites here are very tight. I think they squeeze as many as possible into this space. Guess thats Vegas, the other parks look the same. They have a swimming pool, a small clubhouse and horseshoes. I havent seen an activity schedule like most of the TT parks have. I'm thinking there just might be enough entertainment here in Vegas!
We went back to Sams Town for an early dinner at the buffet. It was great. I played a bit on the roulette wheel. Did pretty good. We watched a little football and then headed home. I went in the chatroom for a while and then called it an early night. I am having a hard time adjusting to this time change.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Snow In Flagstaff

Yup, we saw snow today in Flagstaff. I just didnt expect driving thru Arizona that I would see it.
They had it last night and it looked very pretty, something we miss seeing since leaving Massachusetts. What a neat drive today was. The mountains are awesome. Again I am always in awe of this beautiful country. We travelled 316 miles before landing in Las Vegas. We drove around the Hoover Dam, which we have seen before but it is just such an amazing sight. Took us by surprise when all traffic had to go thru a checkpoint before heading around the dam. They had us open the back of truck and then entered the tt. How sad we have to live in such times that put us in danger of terrorists.
We arrived at the TT campground which is right on Boulder Hwy and convenient to everything.
Were not here long before we had to head to the closest casino. We both played blackjack for about 1hr. We lost..but not alot for me. My big disappointment was they gave us a free pull on the slot machines. We both got $3 free play. Okay, I played $2 on my first pull and got nothing. Had $1 left so pulled it, got 777, oh no, I only won $1 because I had only put in $1, had I put in another $1, I would have won $150. I was sooooo bummed. I will make up for it another day.
Hopefully! We headed back to the park and are ready to heat up the leftovers from yesterday for dinner. Yummm.
Hope to be on chat tonight. Last night I just couldnt connect.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a nice quiet day here in Cottonwood. It rained off and on all day, but we did get the chance to see the rest of the campground here. There are three sections, it was suggested we stay in H section if we wanted to get tv reception with our antenna. The other two sections are lower and have more level concrete sites but we opted for the higher ground. We did get pretty good reception. The directv is travelling along with us, but since it is such a job to get it set up we opted not to try in the rain. I cooked a nice turkey dinner with all the trimmings. I think this was the first Thanksgiving we have ever spent alone. We feel very thankful that we have gotten to share this day with family in the past but we also feel very thankful that we get to have this wonderful adventure. Life is good.
Tomorrow we plan to leave early morning, well I hope not too early, for Las Vegas. Hopfully the weather will improve.
God Bless everyone and may you all enjoy the ramainder of the day.

Thousand Trails, Cottonwood, Az

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thousand Trails Cottonwood, Az

Oops, I goofed.. I thought our trip today was only 100+ miles. I was wrong, it was about 260 miles. We took our time, stopped at Cracker Barrel and hit some traffic in Phoenix. Then the fun began, as we climbed to 4000 ft, we putted along, hit fog, then rain. It sure is beautiful though.
Thought we would never get here but we arrived and got set up (in the rain) I love this place but sad that the weather forecast doesnt sound good for our stay. We plan on leaving Friday morning to head to Las Vegas. Tomorrow's plan is to cook a turkey dinner, although they are serving one here at the park, I like to cook our own so we can have leftovers. Then I would like to drive to Sedona to see the red rocks. Unfortunately if the rain keeps up that probably won't happen. I definately want to come back to this area some day when time is not an issue. Can you believe my camera has died on me. What a time to do that..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunny Arizona, Well Partly Sunny

The drill sargeant had me up and rolling early this morning. Since he is up in the wee hours he expects me to be also. So on the road we were. It was mighty chilly but my heated seat in the truck always does the trick. We were looking forward to finally, on day three, of getting out of Texas. And we did, passing thru New Mexico and into Arizona. We really like the looks of Arizona and wish we had more time to spend in this state. We travelled 400 mi today and stopped around 1:30p at Benson, Az. We are staying at the Benson I-10 RV Park, right off the highway. We rested and I put together a salad and spaghetti for dinner. We are not in a hurry to leave in the morning as we are heading to Cottonwood and it is only a little over 100 miles. We will stay at the Thousand Trails campground for a few days before heading to Las Vegas. I took several pictures today and went to download them and they are not there. I think something is wrong with my camera. Not a good time for that.
Well, time to drop into chat. Until tomorrow.......

Monday, November 24, 2008

Long Day

Monday: Today we were up early and at Discount Tire when they opened at 8am. We bought our spare tire, stopped to get a few errands, back to campground and on the road at 9:45. We drove 450 miles and finally stopped for the night in Van Horn Tx around 5:30pm. The downside is, they don't have cable and we can't be bothered trying to set up the sat dish for one night.. It sometimes takes us hours and much frustration. Neither one of us up for that. So I popped in a frozen pizza, put in a movie and here we are relaxing. At least they have free wifi and I will check the score of the football game as the night goes on.
We really enjoyed the ride today. The hill country is so pretty. We saw lots of foliage, something we miss in the Houston area. Being from New England we really appreciate the changing color on the trees. After leaving the hill country the contrast to the drive with no trees was really something. I guess you could call the second half of the drive boring but we enjoyed it, having never been this way before. Of course being out in the middle of nowhere can make one anxious as to whether a gas station would pop up in time before running out. We lucked out just in time, although the price was alot higher than we had been paying.
Below I snapped a picture of Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville Tx., this is where we will be spending the first two weeks of March with some of our RV Dreams family of friends. It looks like a great area, very convenient, being right off the highway, and we are really looking forward to it.

Buckhorn Lake RV Resort

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On The Way To Vegas

Sunday: We left our house at 9:45am with hopes of being in San Antonio by 2pm. All went well for the first hour. We were about to make a pit stop, so exited the highway and as we were getting off, a car next to us started beeping their horn and pointing to the rear of our trailer. Not good, so we immediately pulled into a gas station and found we had blown a tire on ther rear of the trailer. Called AAA and they said they would contact someone. It took 2 hours, as the service tech was 70miles away. So after our 2.5 hr delay we were on our way. We arrived in San Antonio
around 5p. Got set up and called on one of my RV Dreams chat room buddies Deb (Debken) and her husband Rod, who were staying in the park. We got to meet for the first time and it was great to see them both. I had emailed them from the road and told them we were delayed and they were kind enough to cook dinner for us knowing that we wouldnt be in any mood to think about preparing dinner. It was great. Thanks again both of you. We loved meeting up and hope to do it again. WE turned in early.
Pictures of the sick tire and Deb & Rod below........

The Trip Begins

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Changes in A Week

Last week was not a good one but things do change and luckily for the better.. Our daughter is doing well this week, which in turn makes it so much better for us.
I saw my dr on Wed. and everything is good there. My blood pressure was good, ekg good, blood work good and they will schedule me for a stress test. Stress, stress, stress. Thats what it all come down to.
I have given up the thought of going to my reunion next week in Boston. The air fares have gone up instead of down. I'm okay with that. I do hate to disappoint some friends that had counted on me but that is life. Hopefully will get to see them for our 50th..
Now for my hubby's 60th birthday. We had planned on going to Vegas and actually have reservations at our time share for Dec 1-5th. Well with our daughter out of work, we can't fly, on her pass soooooooooo we are going to drive. We made that decision today. I went to talk to my boss at the golf course. It is not busy there at all right now so it is a good time to be gone. We hope to leave Sunday morning. The plan is to go as far as San Antonio on Sunday and take it from there. Tomorrow we will get gassed up and load the trailer. Any suggestions on places to stop along the way and things not to be missed would be appreciated.
Hopefully my next post will be from some interesting place.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Up and Down Week

This was one of those weeks, the kind we all have had. Some good days, some bad. It started out good and then.........
Work..I havent had to work much at all. I had told them when I came back from Florida that I only wanted two days a week. Well icky weather has taken away my last two that I was scheduled for. That is a good thing. I'm scheduled tomorrow.

Veterans Day.. Since we moved to Texas my husband hasnt taken in any of the VD activities. He always had done so in Ma and Fl. He always has a tough time getting thru this day. I had forgotten but was quickly reminded. He gets very down and has alot of flashbacks. Lost alot of buddies over in Nam. I just give him his time to think it all thru. We did go to Applebees and he had a free dinner. They do that for the veterans. He always feels good that they get recognized.

My daughter.. She was doing very well and thought the meds had taken care of alot of her problems. She has had a very bad time the last few days. She has found that she still cannot handle the downs of life. She was hoping to go back to work in December. Not too sure now..

Travel..My 40th high school reunion is the Saturday after Thanksgiving in Ma. I planned on attending and had gotten hold of a close friend that now lives in Canada. She and I were planning it together. We havent seen each other in 30 years. My plan was to fly to Boston on Friday. Now everything is up in the air because I travel standby on my daughters passes. Because she has been out of work I can not fly on her benefit. Yikes, I wasnt planning on buying a ticket and especially over a holiday weekend. I have been stressing over this and what to do.
Also, Kevins 60th birthday is Dec 2nd. We have been planning on Vegas for the last six months. We saved the stimulas check and I have been saving my tip money to use for this trip. Once again we were planning on flying standby. What to do.. We have been all over the place trying to decide. We even talked about hitting the road in the RV and head to Vegas. Got out the maps and gave it much thought. I once again didnt think it a great time to leave my daughter. I am afraid I just won't enjoy the trip with her on my mind.

Health..I have been sooooo stressed out that I actually thought I may have been having a heart attack one night. I had severe pains in my back and had just seen a show in the am about a woman who had the same thing and sure enough it was a heart attack. I waited it out and it went away. I think it was indigestion. I do have a drs appt on Wednesday so will talk it over with the dr. I have a strong family history with heart disease. Mom, Dad and my three older brothers.
Another reason to stay put for now and not be on the road.

Chat..my only upside of a tough day. I look so forward to talking each evening with my rv-dreams family. Thank you all for being there.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Goblins

These are the pictures I tried to post on Halloween and it would not work. I thought I would give it another try today. Hurray!! I have sure been having problems lately. Got kicked out of chat two nights in a row. Also have had trouble signing into chat a few nights. I guess its all the ghosts and goblins this time of year....
I can't wait until the Kerrville get together. I need help with learning more about this blog stuff. I sure hope we can get a little session together.
Until later....

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