Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Relaxing, Enjoying the Area, Dinner

Saturday.. We had lots of wind last night and when we got up it was still windy. We got ready to head to the Open Air Street Fair, hoping the weather would improve.. It sure did, it was a perfect day for wondering around. They have this fancy name for what is the same as a high class flea market.. It is the biggest one I have ever seen, and very very nice. We spent about 3.5 hours and only got through half of it. If it’s nice next Saturday we will go back and do the other half.

Palm Desert, Ca 002

By the time we left the wind was starting to pick up again…must be desert weather. We made it home in time to watch college basketball.  Think we better button down the hatches for the night!!

Sunday…I finally did some much needed cleaning. It was a beautiful day with temps in the low 80’s. Kevin settled in to watch college basketball, while I headed out to do a little shopping.  I really can’t explain the beauty of this area.  The landscaping is magnificent with flowers and waterfalls everywhere.

Palm Desert, Ca 007

Monday…Today ended up being a laid back day. We had thought of doing some sightseeing but ended up just sitting outside and being lazy. ‘The temps today about 83 and very nice. I was too lazy to even go up to the pool..

Tuesday..Another beautiful day.. I finally got myself to head to the pool for a few hours.   Tonight we headed to downtown Palm Springs to meet up with RVing friends Bill and Debbie Goode.  They are staying not to far from here and of course we had to share a meal. They suggested  Las Casuelas  a good Mexican Restaurant.

Palm Desert Ca 002

Palm Desert Ca 003

It has been a year since we saw them last, and it was good to catch up, while enjoying a good meal and good margaritta’s. I am sure we will meet up again in the future..

Palm Desert Ca 005

Friday, March 25, 2011

Palm Desert, Ca


We rolled out of San Onofre Beach a little before 11am Wednesday morning. I was a bit down.  I hated to leave the beautiful Pacific Ocean, although I did spend one rather stressful night worrying about Earthquakes.  I told Kevin we would hear from all native’s of the state, not to worry. Sure enough that’s exactly what happened.  One told us that the area we were in was considered very unlikely to get hit.  Now, do I worry about our next scheduled ocean stop in a few weeks….. Hmm, will have to think about that one.

For now the plan was travelling to the desert. Palm Desert, which is very close to Palm Springs.

Our drive was a pretty one...Palm Desert, Ca 011


Palm Desert, Ca 003


Palm Desert, Ca 006


It amazes us to see snow on the mountains while heading into the desert….

Palm Desert, Ca 021

We arrived at Thousand Trails  in Palm Desert.  This park has 1000 date palm trees..

Palm Desert, Ca 033

It is a very nice park although you do have to maneuver between the palms.  Kevin thinks it would be a great place to live.. We are surrounded by golf courses and casino’s and beautiful weather.. It get’s pretty windy at night and the temps do drop but the days are perfect so far…

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taking It All In

I am just trying to take in all the beauty I find in the ocean.. I know I have mentioned it before but I love the water!

Friday we took a drive to Carlsbad. We drove through the neat little town and went down to the beach….

Carlsbad, Ca 012

Carlsbad, Ca 015


We also drove through the town of Oceanside..

Carlsbad, Ca 007 Kevin was trying to recognize something from when he was here some 40 plus years ago, while in the Marines. Nothing looked familiar!

The flowers on the side of the road, continue to amaze us..

Carlsbad, Ca 001

Carlsbad, Ca 005

Carlsbad, Ca 021

We stopped on our way back to get some nice sole fillets and picked up the ingredients for baked stuffed sole.. Yum!

We were both a bit stressed today as a family member was getting test results today.  When we got home, we found out the tests were all negative. What a relief… Prayers do get answered..

I went for my nightly walk on the beach. I just sat there for quite some time enjoying every minute.

The forecast is still calling for rain but for now it is sun in, sun out….

Thursday, March 17, 2011

San Onofre Beach, Camp Pendleton, Ca

Wed.. We took our time packing up and pulling out. We only had an 80 mile drive..

We arrived at San Onofre Beach at Camp Pendleton and got settled for a week.  Being Thousand Trails members, we can only stay two weeks at a time and then have to be out for a week before heading back in.  So our week will be spent overlooking the Pacific.. Not bad except the weather forecast doesn’t sound all that terrific. They have two levels of parking here in the campground. The first level is directly on the beach but of course they were all filled up, when we made our reservation. We were actually lucky to get a site at all and are in the back row, but that’s okay for now,we can see the ocean from our site. Most likely by tomorrow we won’t have a view..


Last nights sunset..


Very peaceful



This is a view looking back on our home from the beach overlook..



Thursday…Happy St Patrick’s Day……..

Today was shopping day.. We headed to the commissary to stock up and buy diesel for $3.99.. It has gone up 17 cents in two weeks.  We stopped for a nice lunch and Kevin got to have his corned beef, since I didn’t cook one for him!

He also got in touch with an old  Marine buddy that he was with in Nam . He knew he came from this area.  I went online and looked up his name and there it was. Kevin called, and they talked for quite awhile reminiscing..  Ted lost his leg while there.  Not sure if it’s good for either one of them as it sure  digs up old memories, and from what I heard, they weren’t good ones..  They may get together.

I hope to check out a few areas while we are here. Temecula and Carlsbad. Not sure if the weather will cooperate though.

I just came back from watching the sunset again. It was rather cloudy tonight…

Sunset 010

Surfers waiting for the perfect wave…

Sunset 013

These firepits and tables at every site…

Sunset 011

Nothing more relaxing than sipping wine and listening to the waves..

Sunset 015

Sunset 017

Cruising The Harbor

Monday….Sometime last month, I got my daily groupon deal of the day,  for San Diego. It was a great deal on a Harbor Cruise in San Diego. I immediately bought it, knowing we would be looking for things to do while here.  Since they are calling for temps to drop a bit and possible rain over the next few days, we decided to go for it today.  We boarded and were on our way….

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 123

We passed these paddle surfers..

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 070

Going under the Coronado  Bridge

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 075

Floating by Seaport Village…

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 110

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 119

So many Naval Ships in the Navy Training Center…

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 097

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 099

The Midway….

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 121

Star of India…

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 125

Captains live on their boats for a mere $200-$300 a month…

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 128

Very large Marine helicopter..

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 142

When our cruise was over, we strolled over to the park next to the Midway to see this large statue of a sailor saying goodbye…

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 171

And this tribute to the great Bob Hope…

Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 176


Skyjumping and Cruise of Harbor 181


That wraps up our stay here at Pio Pico in Jamul.. We have really enjoyed this out of the way campground, nestled in the midst of the mountains, but a short drive into the city.  San Diego is at the top of our list right now… We loved every minute exploring it!

Wednesday we head 80 miles down the coast to Camp Pendleton..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not For Me

Kevin was settled in for watching NCAA basketball for the weekend. I decided it was time for a trip to Trader Joe’s.  I picked up a case of $2 buck chuck, and checked on the granola bars. Deb turned several of us on to the Trader Joe’s bars last year. Problem is, we haven’t been able to get any since. They stopped  doing business with their supplier.  Well, guess they now have a new supplier. They are now in a new package and have gone from 1.5 oz to 1.2 oz each. They are still selling for same price. I bought a few of the Sweet, Savory & Tart ones.  Makes for a quick breakfast or snack on the road.

On my way to the store yesterday I came upon these skydivers….

Skydiving Pictures 001

Skydiving Pictures 008 

So today Kevin & I headed back to see them in action… although it was not as clear as yesterday, it was still neat watching them..

Here they are  getting on the plane that will take them up up and away…

Skydiving Pictures 2 003

Skydiving Pictures 2 005

These ones are riding double…

Skydiving Pictures 2 024

Weee, landed…..

Skydiving Pictures 2 031

They were screaming with excitement when they landed, so guess they enjoyed their ride…     Not for me!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Touring San Diego

When I got up this morning, I put a roast in the crock pot. We were heading for downtown to take a trolley tour.  When we have visited big cities before, we have taken these tours. I think it’s a great way to see the sites.You can just drive the two hour tour around the city, or get on and off whenever you want..

We headed to Old Town San Diego, where there  is free parking and the tours starts here..

Quaint little shops..

Tour of San Diego 002

Tour of San Diego 004

Tour of San Diego 003

Next stop San Diego Harbor…

Tour of San Diego 005

Tour of San Diego 008

The Star of India..

Tour of San Diego 009 

The Midway…

Tour of San Diego 010

Next Stop… Seaport Village.. A great place to walk around and take it all in!!


Tour of San Diego 028 Tour of San Diego 016

This boat with red on top belongs to comedian Jerry Lewis..

Tour of San Diego 026

Tour of San Diego 024

Lunch at…Tour of San Diego 014

Kevin had a bowl of NE Clam Chowder and I had She Crab Soup…both were delicious….


We drove by and had stops at the Marriott and Hilton Hotels and Horton Plaza.. We didn’t get off..

Next was Gaslamp Quarter… This is a Historic District with galleries, restaurants and boutique’s..

Tour of San Diego 030

We passed Tour of San Diego 037

Before heading over the Coronado Bridge… where we could get a good look at the city…

Tour of San Diego 038

A look at Hotel Del Coronado.. I plan on returning to see the inside..

Tour of San Diego 041

A look at the bridge..

Tour of San Diego 048

Balboa Park was the next stop…. we were tired by this time and got off and walked around but didn’t take the time to visit any of the many museums.. Maybe another time..

Tour of San Diego 052

Tour of San Diego 053

Tour of San Diego 054

Here comes the  trolley..

Tour of San Diego 051

And a drive through Little Italy…

Tour of San Diego 057

Tour of San Diego 060

Back at Old Town we got ourselves an ice cream and  did a little more strolling the shops..

What a great tour we had! We love San Diego….