Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A New Chapter

It seems like our lives are like books, with many many chapters..Most of the chapters in my life have been spent with my  wonderful husband Kevin, who I met at the young age of 19. Everything changed on the evening of Feb 28th when he was having stomach pain. Who would have known that after taking him to the ER, that it would be the last few hours I would spend with the love of my life. After a very long emergency surgery, I was given the news early the next morning  that he didn’t make it…It was total shock.  How could this be, we were just out to lunch with a friend that very day. He had been out polishing his truck just that morning.  But it was true, he was gone….but he didn’t suffer. That was what I was most grateful for.

I am very lucky for what we had.  We loved each other very much. A day didn’t go by that he didn’t tell me that.  The last few years, we had been on the road traveling this beautiful country together, spending pretty much all our time together. That was a very special time in our lives.  We saw so many beautiful places and met such wonderful long lasting friends..

We have a  beautiful family..and we got to be together only weeks before he died. It was a spur of a moment trip back to Texas, to watch the super bowl.  Fortunately our son was visiting our daughter at the time. We celebrated my birthday and I asked to have a picture taken of the four of us.sullymack_1332404971_o

We are all devastated but at least we have  the  memories to last a lifetime.  One of his greatest pleasures in life was being a grampy to our five grandkids.  He was a kid at heart so he loved playing with them . One of the kids great memories of him is sitting on top of “ grampy mountain” !

We brought him back to his hometown of Winchester Massachusetts to give him an honorable send off.. He would have been so proud.  He loved being a Marine…



As much as I don’t want it, a New  Chapter will unfold.  No one can predict the future. Who knows what is in store for me.  All I know is that I am blessed to have such wonderful family and friends and to have had the love in my life that I had.  I thank each and every one of you for getting me through the roughest time in my life.  I love you all.  I pray to God and Kevin  every morning to get me through the day. I know they will.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rest in Peace my loving husband~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Until We Meet Again~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You Are In My Heart Forever~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                    IT HAS BEEN A GREAT RIDE!!!

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