Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back To Normal

These last few weeks have been the typical so not much to report. We have been babysitting off and on and I have been working off and on.
Work has been interesting these last few weeks. They are remodeling our kitchen and dining room and have moved us outside until it is finished. We have a big gas grill to cook hamburger and hot dogs on. They also moved our big refrigerators, coolers and freezers out there with us. Most people are understanding that we cannot offer them our full menu but there are always those few.... On nice days we just love being out there in such a pretty setting overlooking the golf course, however on cool days it is a challenge. Yesterday we were dressed as if we were going sledding, hats, gloves, triple layers, brrrr. We hope to move back in, sometime this week. We have a tournament on Wednesday and have to prepare box lunches and then dinner for them.
My highlight of the week was making reservations for next March in Rockport, Tx. Several of us chatters have decided to gather once again. From what we understand, you must make reservations this far ahead due to all the snowbirds that flock to the area. Nice to have something to look forward to although it is so far off. And of course everything is set in jello.
On facebook, a few of us chatters have now entered into Yoville.. Let me just say I am not a game player, so this is not easy for me. I am giving it a try but we will see. Of course I discovered there is a casino and have already lost some of my paycheck in there. Good thing it is not for real. I have backed off playing bejeweled against them as I just get too stressed.. I could feel my blood pressure on the rise. I would rather read a book than play games. That is more relaxing for me. Kevin has been after me to learn to play golf and I always say, someday.. I can play for nothing but havent taken it up yet. Thats just me.
I have also been concerned this week for two friends that have medical problems arise. I have been praying for these dear friends, one just out of the hospital in Florida and one dreamer friend. Please keep them in your prayers.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Its Over

We left Kerrville Sunday morning about 11am. We werent in any hurry to leave. We spent a good hour and a half saying goodbye to our friends. I didnt even take the time to get dressed, I didnt want to miss anyone.  John and Brenda were the first to leave.


I sure look forward to seeing these fine Canadians again.

Rollie and Gina pulled out shortly after. How neat to explore their beautiful new rig. It was a pleasure spending time as neighbors and look forward to seeing you soon for dinner since you are so close by.100_2857


Dortha and Mark were the next. It was sad. Dortha, Jenny and I were the ones that planned this get together many months ago. One night on chat we started talking about how many folks would be in Texas around this time. A plan was in action.  I am so happy we did this and hopefully it will be the first of many gatherings. Dortha, thanks for all the work. I loved seeing your beautiful new home first hand after capturing every picture of it being built.


We had visits from Ginger and Jesse, Donna, Deb and Rod and Chuck and Kathy. They were not leaving, lucky them.. Please stay in touch everyone, we miss you already.



We are home now and back to the usual every day things. I have worked long shifts at the golf course this week and Kevin has been babysitting our youngest grandson. 

We are looking forward to Roaming When We Can. Not sure when that will be but I will keep following the paths of all our family of Dreamers until we meet again….

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cleaning Up, Breakfast and Goodbye..

Friday Kevin woke me up early to inform me we had a leak. The bathtub was filled with water and overflowing. I use the tub to store things. Vacuum cleaner, broom, laundry basket full of dirty clothes, yuck.  We cleaned up and of course my morning was spent washing very wet clothes. We have no idea where the water came from. The faucet was not on and it was clean water.  One of those strange things that just happen?!Hopefully we don’t have a leak somewhere that we can’t see.  I had a few errands to run in the afternoon and then cooked my bacon to bring to our breakfast for dinner in the barn.  Our last big gathering. We munched on eggs in a bag, sausage, bacon, potatoes, cheese, peppers and onions, biscuits, pecan waffles with whipped cream and strawberries, mmmmmmm…..topped off with mimosas and frozen peanut butter pie….. We eat well!!!  After dinner many of us moved on over to  John and Brenda’s rig.  I was exhausted and left around 10pm. 100_2839  

. 100_2836               





We were up early this morning to be sure we got to see some of our friends that were departing. 100_2841




We bid farewell to Don and Cheryl, Gregg and Lynette and Joe and Sherri. We missed a few earlier. It was very difficult saying goodbye, but it is only until we meet again and we will for sure…..

It is still very chilly here with the heat on in the trailer. We are starting to pack it up and will leave tomorrow.   Gina and Rollie are having one last get together tonight in their rig for pie…  We are already talking about where we will meet again..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Downhill Weather, Bandera and Pizza

Wednesday we woke to very cold and rainy weather. It was a slow start for me. By late morning I decided to go out and find the JC Penny store not far from here. Kevin opted to hang out in the rig. I spent a few hours in several of the stores just browsing. Came home and just lazed about for the remainder of the afternoon. By evening with the rain still coming down we made a quick run for Culvers for ice cream for dinner. Yum..

Thursday once again we awoke to cold weather but the rain had subsided. The weather didnt keep these walkers from their routine.

Sherri, Brenda, Joe and John100_2817

About 11am Lynette, Gregg, Kevin and I headed for Bandera, The Cowboy Capitol of the World…We had lunch at an old cowboy saloon.100_2821



After lunch we headed across the street to the General Store with the old fashioned soda fountain.100_2820


We explored a few of the small shops before heading out in search of Luckenbach. We did find this small town but had we blinked we may have missed it.


This is the old post office that is now the general store and bar for this small town population of “3”……

We got back just in time to once again head out to dinner. This night was at Mr Gatti’s for the pizza, pasta and salad bar. The food was okay and the company was great…. Speedy made an announcement that we all would head back to the park and meet in the activities room for games. Some of us opted to have a computer session. We chatted with our friends that could not be here with us. At 10:00 it was time to break up.

The weather is to continue to be cold and wet for the next few days. We are making the best of it, although we miss the sitting outside and the strolling from one site to another. There are dreamers here that I havent even met up with yet. Tomorrow night we have plans for breakfast. Yes, breakfast for dinner..

Catching Up

Tuesday Lynette & I went off to a few local shops to explore. We stopped for a quick lunch and then on to make reservations for the group dinner that evening.  Dinner was at Mamacitas Mexican Restaurant. This was my third time to dine here in the two week span.  We were all celebrating Brenda our Canadian Dreamer’s Birthday. 100_2813 

Joe and Sherri. I thought this was a great picture of them.100_2793 

Nolan and Donna. Nolan with his new look..100_2797

The group100_2798 100_2799

Gina with “Her Rock”100_2803

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Food, Oh My

Tuesday we woke to clouds and sprinkles. Headed outside to chat with our friends as they passed on their walks. Chuck & Kevin headed to the back of our trailer to the putting green where they can be found most days. Late morning we ran a few errands. The sun was starting to shine and warm up. Molly, Bob, Kathy, Chuck, Ginger & Jessie were heading into the activities room to play hand and foot. I decided to head over and watch them, as I have never played this game. Before long it was time to head back to the trailer to get ready for our "light" dinner of "heavy" appetizers. Oops the electric had gone out in the park. I needed to bake my hot crab dip. I was scrambling to find something else I could come up with in place of it. I had some pineapple, coconut, mango tequila sauce left that I had purchased in Fredricksburg last week. That would have to do if electricity doesnt come back on. I got that out and plated when back on came the electric. My dip went in the oven but would be a little late in arriving at Lynette & Greggs for happy hour. We all gathered and once again had a fabulous spread and all ate too much. It got a little cool and we broke up earlier than usual. Alot of us got on chat when we got back to our homes.

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More Food, Oh My

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Steaks and Smores


Last night we dined at Lynette & Greg’s aka Netters & Mac. The resort originally was planning a Meet & Greet at 1pm with bring your own meat and a side to share. We all planned on attending, but they cancelled it. We went on to plan B. Kevin & I, Deb & Rod brought our steaks to Greg, who grilled them to perfection. We all brought sides and had a very enjoyable and delicious meal.

100_2773 100_2771


After dinner we met up with the rest of the group and set up our firepit and once again toasted marshmalows and put together yummy smores.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pot Luck and More Friends


As we were preparing for our potluck we had more friends arrive.  Rollie & Gina pulled in accross from us in their massive truck and 5th wheel. Wow is it beautiful, inside and out. 100_2757

Rollie & Gina

After greeting them I look and see this very large handsome man standing outside. Must be JB and it was. Boy is he tall. How fun to meet he and Brenda. She is just a hoot. I’m sure we will have alot of laughs.100_2758

John and Brenda

We all went our seperate ways to get back to cooking and preparing for our potluck dinner.. At 5:00pm we headed to the Barn.  Sandra & Gordon joined us along with Jo and Fred Wishnie who I have never met but follow their blog.  Here are a few pictures of this wonderful gathering with lots of yummy food..100_2768 100_2759 100_2761 100_2766 100_2767

After dinner and cleanup we all went back to Rollie & Gina’s and sat around for quite some time talking and laughing until 10pm when we finally had to disperse before the park police came around..

This morning walked the street stopping and gabbing with everyone. It is a beautiful day and no wind today. This afternoon headed to the pool with Kathy, Dortha, Jim, Ellie and Donna. The pool water is a beautiful 84..but the hot tub is hot!!!  Can’t stay too long in that. Sorry didnt take any pics. Will do it another day. 

Our plans right now are to cook up some steaks for dinner with Lynette and Greg. There is also a happy hour going on around 5p.  Then over to   Gina & Rollies  for a campfire along with smores, yum..

Donna & Keith left us early this morning. They should be back home right about now. We miss you both and look forward to our next meeting…. It sure was fun.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pictures As Promised

I made a promise to post pictures so I thought i would do that and not write much of a post. We have all been together joining in the fun so once you read one post you know what is going on… All I can say is we are having soooooo much fun. I will try to keep up with the blog from here..  100_2731  100_2715 100_2716 100_2719 100_2720 100_2723 100_2725 100_2726 100_2729 100_2731 100_2733 100_2734 100_2735 100_2737 100_2738 100_2739 100_2740 100_2741 100_2742 100_2744 100_2745 100_2746 100_2747 100_2748 100_2749 100_2750 100_2751 100_2752 100_2753 100_2754 100_2755 100_2756 100_2707