Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I can't believe Thanksgiving is already here. Why does time pass so quickly as we get older?!

The last few weeks are like a blur. Let me see. I spent one whole week trying to find a new computer. I also found out in that time span that I am totally addicted to computing.. Something I never thought would happen. I think I had 5 visits to Best Buy. The first one I bought was a Toshiba and got it home and it just wouldnt connect, so back I went. They tried also and couldn't connect. No more in stock, grrr. It was a few days later that I went back and bought the Dell that I had been eyeing. Ok, thats all set but the aircard wouldnt connect. Off to verizon for them to download the program for it..Had one good night with it and then next morning the verizon program is gone... Back to the verizon store for another download. I hope that will be it for quite a while. I finally feel complete with my laptop back in posession.
We were also busy going back and forth from our storage container. We want to have it emptied out by the end of the year. The hard part for me is going through the Christmas decorations. I am sorting in three piles. One for our daughter, one for son and one for us to keep. Not fun but at least its pretty much done now.
This week we are in Illinois spending Thanksgiving with our son and his family. We loaded up the truck with alot of boxes of kitchen stuff along with the Christmas things for him. We left Monday morning and drove over 600 miles staying at Walmart somewhere in Arkansas that night. We were up early and left at 4am Tuesday morning for an easy 300 miles. Only downside was, we stopped in a Sonic for breakfast and driving out of the driveway, Kevin caught a sign on the back of the trailer. It tore the sign down completely and put several scratches to the paint of the RV. Had to give them our insurance info so hope that won't raise our rates.
We are staying at Scott Air Force Base Famcamp. Not a bad park at all. It is about 45 minutes from our son. Have our vucube all set up and it was working like a charm, until last night when we returned, I forgot we were only on 30amp and turned on too many things and blew the circuit. After resetting, our LR tv would not come back on. Directv tried helping me get it restarted but it was a no go. They said sometimes the receiver burns out when this happens. Yikes, no tv in LR.. At least we had the bedroom one. Until late today, for some reason we lost satellite reception altogether. We had even gone out and bought a new receiver for the LR. Tomorrow is another day and we shall try again. It was rainy and very windy today so hopefully tomorrow will be better. We don't do well without tv......so wish us luck!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Catching Up

I think I left off last week with us working on the Halloween Party at the park. The first night was warm and the turnout was huge. I worked the concession stand and was in charge of hot dogs. Kevin worked the parking lot. The second night which was Halloween, the temps dropped alot and we were cold. Not very many showed up and I didn't sell many hot dogs, but the hot chocolate was a big hit. I took pictures but unfortunately you will not get to see them.
We were hoping the awning would arrive at the dealership on Monday but we got a call from them that it didnt arrive. We were then rescheduled for Wednesday morning at 8am, thinking it would arrive sometime on Tuesday. We began getting things packed up and got the laundry done. Tuesday afternoon got a call that it didnt arrive again. It was rerouted..grrr.. It was scheduled for Wednesday. They then gave us a noontime appointment, hoping it would be there in time.. We were very lucky that the park is not crowded and they let us stay in our site for a few extra nights. All went well on Wednesday. We arrived, and luckily the awning was there. We unhooked and got directions to a great lunch place on the water at St Andrews Bay. Once again took pictures but you won't get to see them. All the work was taken care of and we were on our way at 5pm headed to Ms.
While travelling to Ms we had ourselves a sandwich and soda. My laptop was in a tote bag on the floor by my feet and my can of soda tipped over and landed on the computer. Uh oh.. This is why you will not see the pictures. Foolish me, had not saved the latest ones to disk as of yet. I was planning on it but never did do it. Lesson for everyone.. don't let it go. I had hopes that it would dry out and be okay. We stopped at Hollywood Casino for the night and I didnt know what to do with myself without it.. So I HAD to gamble. I lost, guess it was not a good day for me.
We pulled out of Ms Thursday morning about 10am. Arrived back in Magnolia Tx around 5p to a nice home cooked meal by our daughter. We had reservations for a Thousand Trails Campground on Lake Conroe in Willis Tx so headed there to get settled for two weeks. And that brings us to now. We had two of the grandsons stay with us Friday night, they left yesterday afternoon. We are currently having a relaxing day. I am using my daughters laptop for a few days but I am activly looking for a new one. I loved my 2 yr old Dell but was told by BB Geek Squad that it is most likely gone and not worth the money to have them take it apart. So the search is on. I want something lightweight and compact to travel with. In the meantime I may be without one for a bit.