Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pot Luck and More Friends


As we were preparing for our potluck we had more friends arrive.  Rollie & Gina pulled in accross from us in their massive truck and 5th wheel. Wow is it beautiful, inside and out. 100_2757

Rollie & Gina

After greeting them I look and see this very large handsome man standing outside. Must be JB and it was. Boy is he tall. How fun to meet he and Brenda. She is just a hoot. I’m sure we will have alot of laughs.100_2758

John and Brenda

We all went our seperate ways to get back to cooking and preparing for our potluck dinner.. At 5:00pm we headed to the Barn.  Sandra & Gordon joined us along with Jo and Fred Wishnie who I have never met but follow their blog.  Here are a few pictures of this wonderful gathering with lots of yummy food..100_2768 100_2759 100_2761 100_2766 100_2767

After dinner and cleanup we all went back to Rollie & Gina’s and sat around for quite some time talking and laughing until 10pm when we finally had to disperse before the park police came around..

This morning walked the street stopping and gabbing with everyone. It is a beautiful day and no wind today. This afternoon headed to the pool with Kathy, Dortha, Jim, Ellie and Donna. The pool water is a beautiful 84..but the hot tub is hot!!!  Can’t stay too long in that. Sorry didnt take any pics. Will do it another day. 

Our plans right now are to cook up some steaks for dinner with Lynette and Greg. There is also a happy hour going on around 5p.  Then over to   Gina & Rollies  for a campfire along with smores, yum..

Donna & Keith left us early this morning. They should be back home right about now. We miss you both and look forward to our next meeting…. It sure was fun.

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