Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lunch with a Chat Room Friend

Today was a special day.. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Lake Conroe Penny, from the RV Dreams chatroom.  It has taken us so long to get together, considering we only live about 20 or so miles apart. I thought it time to finally set a date before Kevin and I pull out for the winter. Rather than have her drive the distance to me, we chose to meet halfway in Conroe at the China Buffet.  We had a lovely lunch and chatted IN PERSON for a few hours. 011


It was great to meet this special lady. We are all so amazed at what she accomplishes.  She has been RVing since 1968 and knows so much about all kinds of RV’s along with fixing them up. Any question anyone has in the chatroom, we all refer them to Penny. I’m sure we will get to meet again some day. I sure hope so. Thanks again Penny!

Well, I finished up with my Christmas shopping today. After the lunch I continued on to do some shopping.  It was successful and now I just have to wrap them up.  I still can’t believe Christmas is next week. Not too sure where the time goes.  This is a picture of our little tree. Perfect size for the RV.


We have been busy here going thru our storage. We want to empty it out before the end of the month. Still trying to decide what to keep. I hate the paper work. I started shredding but it takes so long, think I will have Kevin burn the rest.  

I have also worked at the golf course a few days.  We did a Christmas party last Saturday and have another one to cater this Saturday at someone’s house.  That will be the end for me, as we are pretty busy for the next week.  We plan on leaving here the 27th or 28th of the month. We will be headed to Florida. We have reservations at McDill AFB in Tampa starting Dec 30th.  Our house is in St. Petersburg and we hope to clean it up and put it on the market.  Also looking forward to the Tampa RV Show and hopefully hooking up with some other dreamers.


Rick said...

Sounds like you and Penny had a great lunch! Fun stuff!!

Tumbleweed Dee said...

Congrats on meeting up with Penny. It's great meeting other RV-Dreamers.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank You! So great to meet you in person, Arlene. I had a great time chatting with you Face-to-Face.
I wish you a great journey to FL, and I hope that your rent house isn't in too bad a mess. Hugs, Penny