Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot Just Doesn’t Describe It

This weather is terrible. We hit 100 the other day.. Today I felt like I was back in time, to last summer.  I realized that I complained about the heat all last summer and said I would never spend another one in this heat.  Well then,  what are we doing!! Only difference is, we are in Florida not Texas.  I think the plan was to be in Colorado, hmmm.  Well, several rally’s popped up and a call to fill in here in Florida.  So, we will make the most of it for just this one year!  Next years plans are already in motion.

Not a heck of a lot going on here. We worked Friday and Saturday and were fairly busy. Sunday we headed to the beach early and only lasted one hour. Besides being too hot, with no breeze, the water was nasty. The June grass has arrived on our beach and it is yucky.  Lots of sea weed and algae.  Hope it goes away fast…

Monday, we decided to take a drive to Pensacola.  I had a few things to get at the base and I am always up for another bowl of She Crab Soup at my favorite restaurant there.  Lots going on at Pensacola Beach. Lots and lots of media set up. They are monitoring the oil. (I forgot my camera)  The beach looked great with lots of bathers on it and in the water.  They come out early morning and clean up the tar balls.  We saw signs saying the road leading to the beach would be closed Tuesday. Come to find out President Obama arrived there today. We missed him by one day.. Good thing cause we wouldn’t have got near the place.

Today I got alot accomplished.  I started cleaning out cabinets. When we moved in here from our tt, I just thru things in anywhere.  So, its time to get organized.  I then headed out shopping to get some containers to fit into the cabinets. I also bought a new comforter. I have been looking and finally found one I wanted. I needed to lighten up the bedroom. Now I need to do some window treatments. Bought some curtains for fabric and want to make cornice boards.. Now, I am not crafty but I am willing to give it a try…


Debbie and Rod said...

I'm not at all crafty either so I'm really interested to see what you come up with. Maybe I'll get motivated to do mine.


KarenInTheWoods said...

Oooooh I can not imagine being out in the heat of Florida this time of year. Whew! You need to get NORTH Leno Girl!

Karen and Steve
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