Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meeting Up With Friends


I received an email from Kathy and Chuck Donley  that they were in the area.. We decided we should get together. This morning Kathy  called and asked if we would like to go with them to an RV surplus store in Michigan. Sure, was our reply. We picked a meeting place, jumped in their truck and off we were for the short trip to Michigan. It was a very large store and we had lots to look at.  We all were getting hungry so after leaving the shop we stopped for lunch at the Country Table just up the road.  We enjoyed our lunch and chatter. 

Indiana with Chuck and Kathy 001

When we finished with lunch we drove through the farmlands for many miles…

Indiana with Chuck and Kathy 008

Indiana with Chuck and Kathy 007

Until we reached…

Indiana with Chuck and Kathy 003


This is the home and business of an Amish carpenter that makes all kinds of beautiful furniture for RV’s.  Beautiful things and I think Chuck and Kathy found just what they were looking for!

The drive back to our truck was just as adventurous as the ride to the shop. Many, many detours.

Indiana with Chuck and Kathy 010

But Chuck did a fine job returning us back to our truck. With a little help from Kathy and the gps..

It was a great drive through this beautiful country and we really enjoyed our day with friends. Thanks Kathy and Chuck for asking us along…

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