Saturday, September 18, 2010

All Good Things Come to an End


Kevin and I were up early and out the door at 6:45 this morning. We had tram duty from 7-11am. We actually got to drive the 6 person golf cart. It was a chilly, damp day, so we were quite busy picking people up and escorting them to the various seminars and hospitality room.  When we finished our shift, we did a little shopping. I ordered the mattress topper which will be delivered to us next week. We also bought rugs for the outside steps.  The rest of the day we relaxed a bit before heading to the Comm Hall for the closing ceremony.  After the ceremony, there was a hot dog dinner and great music to entertain us.  A group of us then headed to play hand & foot.  This was the end of our first Escapade and sure hope it won’t be our last.  We plan on attending next year in Gillette, Wyoming..

Some of our friends…..

Dee, Cindy, Ken

2010 Escapade 002

Karen and Donnie

2010 Escapade 003

Rich and Mary

2010 Escapade 004

Bob and Bard

2010 Escapade 005

Lynette and Greg

2010 Escapade 009

Donna and Keith

2010 Escapade 010

Mark and Dortha

2010 Escapade 011

Jim and Ellie

2010 Escapade 012

Jim and Dee

2010 Escapade 013

Rich, Roger and Barb

2010 Escapade 006 

Kathy and Chuck in front

2010 Escapade 015

Keith Donna, Molly and Bob

2010 Escapade 003


We hitched up and pulled out of the fairgrounds shortly before 9am.  We had an appointment a few miles away to have JT stabilizers installed.  We dropped off the 5er and decided to head to breakfast. When we arrived at the Lux Cafe, we saw familiar faces entering the door behind us. It was 8 of our group of friends. How neat, we got to dine with these great people one more time…

When we got back to Lippert, we had to wait for quite awhile for the RV to be ready. Once that was complete we headed to the Elkhart Campground where we will park for a week.

One more happy hour was taking place over at the fairgrounds, at Keith and Donna’s, so that is the direction we took. After chatting to the gang, we said our farewells. 

It is always hard to leave friends behind, but we all know we shall meet again somewhere down the road!

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KarenInTheWoods said...

How great to see all of those familiar faces!

And having all of them in one place sure must have been a treat--- maybe we can make it to a rally sometime soon.

Karen and Steve
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