Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodbye Arizona

Not sure where the last week and a half went. Poof, its gone

Not even sure I can remember what we have done. I know Karen, Lynette and I had pedicures one day.   We had a girls day out. Molly, Karen, Lynette and I started with a great lunch at Mimi’s Cafe,  complete with Cosmopolitans!  Then we went on a shopping spree.  The best part of the day was just spending time with these friends..  I will miss them.  While we were off doing this, the guys headed to the casino. Don’t think there were any big winners.

Other nights we played cards, went out for Chinese and Mexican food, and last Friday night, we had breakfast for dinner…..yumm.. There were more trips to the casino. I actually won a wee bit!  Karen and I spent some more time holding down the chairs on the patio. I will definately miss that.  Very relaxing..

Karen & Donnie pulled out yesterday morning.  After saying our goodbyes we spent the day cleaning up and packing up.  Lynette and Greg had us over for a farewell dinner. It is so hard saying goodbye, since we won’t hook up again until August.  What great friends we have.  We will miss you all…..

It has been such a wonderful two months. We will definately be back.

March 2011 003

March 2011 009

This morning we headed out around 9am. California here we come.. Stay tuned for more!


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squawmama said...

Beautiful pictures... Have a safe journey and we'll be looking forward to your post. I know you'll miss all your friends but August will come around fast.
Have fun & travel safe