Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back in Florida

I am back here at Topail after spending 3 days at home in Texas. I flew up Monday morning and met with my daughters counselor. Helped out with the kids, did some cooking and stayed put until my daughter was released from the hospital. Hopefully she will start feeling better real soon. I fly standby and tried to get out Wed. night but didnt. Returned to the airport on Thursday, couldnt get into Pensacola so flew to Mobile, Al. Kevin had to drive 3 hours to pick me up and then back again but I guess I'm worth it. I found out later that evening that I could have flown into Ft. Walton, uh oh, not too far from here. Oh well he likes to drive anyway....
He worked Wed. and Thur. helping out in housekeeping. I joined him on Friday and although I don't like to clean we really didnt do much. I swept the floors in the bath houses and he mopped. They pay housekeepers to do the cleaning so they do the rest. We were done early and relaxed the rest of the day. Today we started our day by going to clubhouse for Breakfast with the Ranger. It was good. I did the laundry and grocery shopping while Kevin cleaned our awning. The weather is beautiful. Didnt get to the beach today but will try to do that tomorrow. We have some nice neighbors so I have spent some time talking with them. Tonight we plan to watch our Boston Red Sox proceed to the World Series, hopefully... We are next scheduled to work on Monday driving the tram to the beach.

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