Friday, October 17, 2008

Work Then Play

We were on duty M,T and W this week, driving the tram to the beach. Our day starts at 8am, we pick up the golf cart at the shop and proceed to the beach to blow off the boardwalk and empty the trash. At 8:45 we go to the office and pick up the truck/tram keys and get the list of checkouts for the day. The tram run starts at 9am and continues every two hours this time of year. We have three stops. Between the runs, we blow off sites when campers leave. Our last tram run is at 5pm. We finish up about 5:30. We get 10 hrs each for our duty day. We did three of them this week which is a total of 60hrs combined. Now we will have 8 days off.
Yesterday it was off to the beach. It was a beautiful day but the water was a little on the rough side. There was an undertow, which scares me, so I didnt spend much time in the water. Kevin likes to body surf but I am a chicken. Loved the peacefullness of sitting looking at the water though.
Today we went out to explore. First stop was Eden Garden, a Florida State Park. The focal point of this park is a beautiful two story elegant house with a wrap around porch. It was an estate that was owned in the 1800's by the Wesley's, a Florida timber family. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens. Although this time of year, alot of the flowers are sleeping. We missed the tour of the house by 10 minutes. Hopefully I can get back another time to tour the inside. I'm told the collection of Louis XVI furniture is the second largest in the U.S.
Next stop was Deer Lake State Park. The lake is one of the coastal dune lakes that are extremely rare worlwide and in the U.S. they occur only along the Gulf Coast. We have two here at Topsail also.
If I could figure out how to post the pictures that I took I certainly would. Unfortunately it isnt working for me. I shall do that at another time.
We finished our fun day by having lunch at the Dewey Destin. It is right by the Destin Marina and sits on the water by the Destin Bridge. They cook up fresh fish right off the boats. Yum. We both had grouper sandwiches.

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