Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kerrville Here We Come

Well, we have been planning this gathering of dreamer friends for quite some time. It has finally arrived. We will be up early tomorrow morning to take off. Hopefully we will be there around noon. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
It has been a long tough week at work for me. We are closing down our kitchen and dining room at the golf course on Monday for renovations and we have had to pack up. It is not an easy task as our members still expect the same food and service. We also had two tournaments this week. My feet hurt and I'm exhausted so I am thankful it is over and I'm on vacation.....
Just signed off on the chatroom and now heading to bed. Will be back soon with some updates of the fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the weather is great and i will miss visiting with you and others. Maybe next yr.. hope we can get together for lunch soon.