Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maybe Rain and another Birthday

Todays forcast calls for showers. We really need rain and lots of it.. I would love it if it would come today as I am scheduled to work 12-6p. If it rains, no one golfs....so I don't need to cook..yeah.
Actually I really don't mind the job, on most days it is kind of fun. When I took it last April, it was to get me out of the house, maybe pay off a little debt, which isnt happening because there is always something else to pay for, and to get the experience of a short order cook. I figured if we go fulltime it would be good to have it under my belt to work at a campground grille.

Today is another grandsons birthday. Logan is 5 today!! He is grampy's shadow.. He has always loved spending his time with him. He is feeling under the weather today, poor kid. You are not suppose to be sick on your birthday. Below is a picture of the cute little guy.
Happy Birthday Logan....

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Debbie Goode said...

Oh my, now he is going to be a real "heartbreaker" if ya know what I mean...a real cutie, but I can see the mischief in those eyes..:)