Friday, December 3, 2010

Texas for the Holidays

We got an early start heading out of Florida two days before Thanksgiving. Our plan was to stop for the night somewhere along the route and be back home in Texas on Wednesday. Well, the day went like this..we drove to Bay St Louis, Ms for a little stop at the Hollywood Casino. We deposited some money rather quickly and then had some lunch. Back on the road, we heard from Donna and Nolan and they were travelling and were stopping the night just over the Texas line. We gave it some thought but Kevin was feeling good and wanted to drive the extra 200 miles to get home to the grandkids. They were so excited for us to be coming back. The day was very long (12 hours) but we made it back safe and sound. We were greeted outside by the three boys, so it was worth it .

Snapped this driving through La…

Back to Texas 005


We are parked in our daughters back yard. We put in a 30amp outlet and purchased a macerator pump for the sewer. So we are very comfortable.

Tx Dec 2010 010

Our view at their house  from the RV..

Tx 2010 002

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving. Everyone has coughs and colds here, and our daughter wasn’t feeling very well but we did manage to enjoy our feast.

I have put up the Christmas decorations, done my Christmas shopping on the internet (almost finished),and  cleared out alot of clothes that we haven’t worn. Our closet rod broke from all the weight of the clothes that were travelling with us. Our son in law fixed that, and now I will be more careful of what I hang in there.

Last Saturday night we had dinner several miles down the road, with Sandy and John, rving friends that were in the area for a week. We were with them in Tn in October and it was so great to see them again.

Kevin has golfed three times this week. He may be ready to give up the game! You know what that means, lol.. He has lost his game….

We will be getting our dr appointments taken care of in the next few weeks. I had a mammogram today. One thing out of the way. Hopefully we will both check out okay, so we can be back on the road right after Christmas.

Yesterday we celebrated Kevin’s 62nd birthday..

Back to Texas 013

Our granddaughter in Illinois was also celebrating her 5th birthday. Happy Birthday Kailyn!! Sorry we can’t be with you..

The kids have taken turns sleeping over. Tonight we will build a campfire, hook up a movie outside and toast s’mores..

Guess that about sums it up for now…..



Charlie and Peggy said...


I had the same trouble. You have to save the fixed photo then upload the saved file. Great pic of Kev and the boys!!!

JB said...

Either that or export it before you exit Picasa. Rick has some great tips about using Picasa alongside of his blog.

Try this link


Rod Ivers said...

Leno, you have to save your picture in Picasa in order for the fixes to become part of the original file. I then saves the original picture in another place if you want to go back on your changes.
When the picture is still on your screen, go up to the top and click of file save. And then when the picture is uploaded to the blog it will be the fixed version.

Leno said...

Thanks everyone that helped me figure out how to fix the picture. As you can see it worked..