Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Last Week In Florida

Wow, this week has flown by. We didn’t do an awful lot except enjoy it here.  I did some Christmas shopping, a little at least. Thursday we headed over to Pensacola to do some shopping at the NAS commissary. Oh my gosh, it was packed… I had a list but didn’t get everything on it because if you missed it while going down your isle, there was no going back.  Don’t think I’ve ever been in a grocery store this crowded.  Anyway I think I got what I needed for Thanksgiving. 

After shopping we made our way to Pensacola Beach. We drove down to Ft Pickens Campground. They have really done alot of work since we were here in May, but they are still working at bringing it back to where they were before they got hit with a hurricane several years ago.

We stopped for a last walk on the beautiful beaches.

Florida Nov 2010 005

Florida Nov 2010 012

We just had to head to Crabs on the beach..We sat outside here looking over the beach and listening to some good music.

Florida Nov 2010 016

Florida Nov 2010 017

I finally got to have my She Crab Soup. They have happy hour wings and shrimp for .35….Yummy!!  Oh and wine was 2 for 1!!

They are still working on the beach, overturning the sand and scooping any remnants of oil.

Florida Nov 2010 014

Too cloudy for a sunset..

Florida Nov 2010 010

We finally took our 1.5 hr drive back to Santa Rosa Beach….with full tummy’s…

Yesterday we were back on duty at the store. The park is not very full and we are not busy at all. Luckily it is just a 6 hour shift.

Florida Nov 2010 018

Florida Nov 2010 023

Kevin can usually be found in the back room…

Florida Nov 2010 020

Today we were a bit busier. It was an absolutely beautiful day and people were out and about. Sold lots of ice cream…

So tomorrow will be our last day working. I think Kevin will stay back and start packing up, checking air pressure and so on.. We will leave early Tuesday morning for our trip back to Texas. It will be hard leaving here but we are sure looking forward to seeing 3 of our grandsons….



Unknown said...

Love all of the beach pictures, very pretty.

Chuck-Kathy said...

Oh, love the pictures, will have to come back and do it again.
Have a geat Thanksgiving, know you will, you will ber with family.

test said...

I sure miss those beautiful beaches, hope you enjoy your last week there. Happy Thanksgiving and "hi" to Kevin for us.

Safe travels and Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Rick was looking over my shoulder while I was reading and went nuts when he saw Mister Kevin...so please tell Mr. Kevin that Rick says hello!!!

Debbie Goode said...

Hope you had a safe journey and Happy Turkey Day!

Gypsy's Tales said...

Hope your travels were safe - have a Happy Thanksgiving with the family
Hugs, Barb & Bob