Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Visiting RV Dreamers

It was a last minute plan.  Dee, a regular in our RV chat room was just 1.5 hrs from us. She suggested she and her husband Jim travel to visit with us  here in Clermont the next day. After some back and forth, it was decided that we would make the trip to their place. We are currently set up at TT,  just for 5 nights, while waiting to head to Largo for the month of  February. Although this site is scenic,  it is dirt. The soft sandy kind that you sink into..yuck!    We didn’t even do a full set up inside or out. It is also a membership park and they charge visitors $5 to park.  So Monday morning we headed to Avon Park. It was just a straight shoot up Rte 27.  We arrived a little after 11am and joined Dee & Jim inside their beautiful Cameo 5th wheel for some catching up.


After some chatter, we headed out to lunch at the Blue Lagoon. It was loud but the food was good.  When we finished, we had another stop to make for Orange Ice Cream!  The Maxell Groves, is just a joint set up on their orange groves.  They sell all kinds of jellies, sauces  and everything made out of oranges…including their famous ice cream, yum. I bought some fresh squeezed oj, which I may pay for in a few days. I love it,  but it can bother my acid reflex..  I am willing to give it a try. Nothing like fresh squeezed….


When we got back to the park. Kevin & Jim stayed at the rig, while Dee and I walked over to the clubhouse.  It is really lovely. In fact this park is spotless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a park so clean and manicured.  They are really happy here.  

I knew Kevin was anxious to get back on the road to avoid any traffic, but I had to meet another RV Dreams couple. Rick and Elaine were in the park for the month.


I have met Elaine in the chat room but never in person. So much fun to finally meet in person!  It was short but sweet, and we hope to meet up again, perhaps in the next month..

We ended our visit with hugs, and on our drive home talked once again about how cool this RVing life style really is.  What wonderful friends we have made.  We feel so fortunate to be living this life!

Thanks Dee and Jim…

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