Sunday, January 22, 2012

When it Rains it Pours

Oh ya, it has been pouring ALOT!  The forecast for the next week has rain in it every day too…Lovely. This morning it is just damp and foggy with temp around 47.  Kevin went up to open the cart barn and told me to just stay put for awhile. Don’t think there will be many golfers this morning.  Not sure what this afternoon will bring.  We have already asked one of our other coworkers if he would close up for us today because we will be watching the PATRIOTS at 3pm.

Now, it isn’t just pouring rain outside.  This week  our microwave/conv/half time oven burnt out. I had baked potatoes in the conv oven and could smell a burning smell. We started looking everywhere, and turned out to be the oven. Inside the back wall is a bit black .  Won’t start, so we unplugged it.  Next was Kevin hurting his right arm, while golfing. I think he tried to smash the ball and pulled something. Looks like a muscle protruding from his arm and it hurts alot.   One morning I turned on the bathroom hot water faucet and the faucet came off in my hand. Cheap plastic parts broke…. If that wasn’t enough, last night I walked to our bedroom closet and the rug was soaking wet. Yup soaking…under the washer is dry but the rug in the bedroom very wet. I squeezed behind and felt the washer hoses and they seem dry, so not sure where it is coming from. Not sure what we will do about this, since Kevin’s arm is so sore, he can’t pull them out right now. Oh ya ,and I got out our little fan so I could dry the rug a bit and guess what?  The fan started and then went out. Doesn’t work!!!!!

Hope that is it…..    GO PATRIOT’S !!!!!! Hope you have better luck than us this week.

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