Monday, November 1, 2010

Back to Where We Love It

We left Panama City this morning for our short trip to Topsail in Santa Rosa Beach. It was an easy drive. When we arrived and checked in, we got our schedule for the month. I didn’t even look at it until we were in our site and all set up. Then to my surprise, I noticed that we were not scheduled to work the tram this month. Darn, we love the tram and getting to meet and talk to everyone.  Our boss is now gone and I guess things have changed a bit.  We start work tomorrow in the small store. The good part is that we only have to work 10-4. When we drive the tram we work a 10 hour day. The schedule is the same with 3 days on and 6 days off. So in the long run, I guess we may be better. Time will tell. I am afraid of being bored.  So since we start tomorrow and it didn’t look like they had anyone scheduled to train us, I went on up to the store and asked lots of questions of the couple working today. They were very helpful but I doubt I will remember it all.  The first year we volunteered here I worked in the office/store but always with a paid employee by my side, so I am a little familiar with it.  Things have changed since and the office is now located elsewhere on the grounds. 

I will give an update after working our three days…so stay tuned!


Gypsy's Tales said...

Here it is Thurs. and I am just catching on my blog reading - Computer problems but all fixed now. We hope to leave NC on Mon but undecided on a route. Depends on weather!!
Hope you are enjoying the store and the reduced hours - More time to soak up the sun.
Stay well
Hugs Barb & Bob

Mark and Dortha said...

Darn...no tram driving.

Looking forward to the report on how much fun you have in the store.