Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back to Work and Fun with Friends

Well, we arrived at the store for our work assignment Tuesday morning at 10am. We have never done this job before so we had one of the rangers go over a few things  before we were left on our own.  Little did we know we would be on our own for most of the day. I think we sold $6. worth of stuff. I looked forward to the mail being delivered so that I would have something to do, when it did, it took me all of five minutes to sort it..  Wednesday and Thursday were just as slow. Guess we could say this is a cushy job!  We do have a television, full kitchen and I always bring a book and my computer. Its a tough job but somebody has to do it! Kevin is missing the tram, but they too are very slow. The weather has really cooled down here.

Friday morning Kathy and Chuck were arriving. Kevin got busy putting up signs in their site, advertising Jerry Brown for Governor. You see, Kathy doesn’t have much use for Jerry Brown…

Florida 2010 013

Not sure she appreciated it, but she knows Kevin’s humor..

Florida 2010 021

Once they got settled we all piled into our truck and started the tour of the area. They have never been in this part of the state and we have  raved about it so much. We headed to Destin harbor for lunch at the Dewey Destin. It is a fish shack on the harbor, where you put your order in and find a picnic table, all outside, however they had heavy plastic covering the sides and heaters overhead. We always come here and have never been disappointed in the food. Very fresh and delicious!

Kathy & Chuck, on the outside deck…

Florida 2010 027

Kevin and I… You can see we are all squinting, with the sun in our eyes..

Florida 2010 029

Once finished with lunch, the tour director drove us past the beaches of Destin.. We just had to show them the vibrant color of the water. This area is called the Emerald Coast. It sure was showing its colors today.

Florida 2010 047

We walked a bit on the beach…

When the tour ended, we headed back to the campground and got a fire started.. (We were missing Tony’s fires)

Florida 2010 045

We sat out chatting for some time, but boy the temperatures we dropping. We did get to enjoy some s’mores before the cold drove us into our homes…

Saturday morning.. Kevin and Chuck headed up the street to the Donut Hole for coffee and donuts. They let us girls sleep in just a little, and brought our donuts home to us.  About 10:30  we loaded up into Kevins tour truck, for day number 2.  Today we headed the other direction on 30A. First stop was a beach that we often frequent.

It was empty and beautiful…. Florida 2010 056 

Kathy just had to make a sand angel…

Florida 2010 050

The sand is like powder..

The next stop was in the town of Watercolor..

Florida 2010 105

A quaint little town with a small festival going on. We had to stop..

Florida 2010 060

We then drove past a wine festival that hadn’t quite started yet…

Florida 2010 095

Lots of boxes of wine..

Florida 2010 094

And then some pretty houses across from the ocean…

Florida 2010 103 Florida 2010 101

But this one really caught our eye… Florida 2010 085

Florida 2010 083

Kathy and I had to walk down to get a closer look. It was protected by this fence and was still under construction. The whole area seemed deserted, so we wonder did someone run out of money… Lots of glass and very interesting architecture, right on the beach….  Hmmm. maybe if we win the lottery!

Then we were onto the “white town”…

Florida 2010 089

Everything was white……rows and streets of white houses…. even the town center was white….

Florida 2010 071

Our tour ended back at our side by side sites at Topsail……

Florida 2010 108

What a neat outing it was.  A nice day for exploring the area with friends…..


Anonymous said...

Four of my favorite people!!!...Have fun!!!

Tumbleweed Dee said...

WOW, that is a great area thanks for taking us with you. We'll have to get up that way.

test said...

Thanks for the tour...the beaches and water are just beautiful. You will have to add tour director to your resumes. Have fun and take care!

Doug & JoAnn said...

The unfinished big house that you have pictured belongs to Charles Hilton, one of the powers in Panama City & who owns lots of the hotels & resorts there. I don't know what the status of the house is but I can't imagine that they ran out of money!

Mark and Dortha said...

A great day with great friends. It has been chilly here in the RGV too, but a warm up is on the way.

Gypsy said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet - my experience is that cushy doesn't ever last long enough! Beautiful pictures today.